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8 Manga Like Tokyo Revengers

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Patricia Thang

Senior Contributor

Patricia Thang is an educator located in Los Angeles. Though a native Angeleno through and through, her heart also belongs to Tokyo, where much of her family is from. Besides books, she is an enthusiastic devourer of many things, including podcasts, television, and J-pop. She realizes there’s not enough time in the world to consume all of that content, but she’s trying anyway. Other endeavors to which she has dedicated herself include cuddling her dogs until they’re annoyed and taste-testing every vegan ice cream she can find. Twitter: @aintnopthang

Boasting both a hit anime series adaptation and a blockbuster live-action film series adaptation, Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui is one of the manga world’s most recent can’t-miss franchises. The series blends two popular manga tropes — gangs and time travel — and is filled with great fight scenes, an excellent and compelling plot, well-developed characters, and more. And there’s plenty of it to catch up on! The original Japanese run of the manga concluded in 2022, and the complete English-language release is available digitally through Kodansha, with the print release still in progress from Seven Seas. The second season of the anime concluded in April of this year, with the third planned to begin in October. In addition, there are three live-action movie adaptations, the latest of which was released in Japan just a couple weeks ago. But if you’re already a fan and itching for more stories like it, look no further than these wonderful manga like Tokyo Revengers to keep you satisfied!

About Tokyo Revengers

In Tokyo Revengers, we follow Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man who has just found out that his former girlfriend from middle school, as well as her brother, were killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. At the same time, Takemichi also suddenly gains an ability to time travel and is transported 12 years into the past. Now, he has the opportunity to save Hinata, his girlfriend, with the knowledge he has from the future. Takemichi becomes involved with the Tokyo Manji Gang and uses his time traveling ability in hopes of creating a timeline where Hinata and her brother Naoto survive.

The manga is an excellent blend of action, science fiction, and emotional drama, so it is no wonder it’s enjoying such popularity and enthusiasm among manga and anime fans. While it can certainly be tough to find a perfect comp for a story that has become such a phenomenon, the following manga like Tokyo Revengers share common themes — namely gang wars or time travel — in combination with dynamic and effective storytelling and character development.

Manga Like Tokyo Revengers

Desert Eagle by Ken Wakui cover

Desert Eagle by Ken Wakui

To start off, here’s another series by Ken Wakui, the creator behind Tokyo Revengers! Wakui is known for his action stories often involving gangs, and Desert Eagle is another such series. Ichigo Washio is a high schooler who aspires to a future of gang life on the streets of Shinjuku. He meets Ringo Takamizawa, a new classmate who seeks revenge on the men who caused his mother to lose everything. Ichigo wants to help, and this launches him on a quest for justice, even if it means turning on the gang members he’s always admired and jeopardizing his future as one of them.

Wind Breaker by Satoru Nii cover

Wind Breaker by Satoru Nii

Haruka Sakura’s only interest is in being the strongest guy in town. He has just entered Furin High School, a school known for its many street-fighting delinquents who use their strength to protect their neighborhood. This action-packed manga about delinquents-turned-heroes is sure to be a great pick for Tokyo Revengers fans. For even more to look forward to, an anime series adaptation has recently been announced!

Again!! by Mitsurou Kubo cover

Again!! by Mitsurou Kubo

High school senior Kinichiro Imamura is about to graduate. But thanks to everyone judging him by his appearance, Kinichiro made his way through high school with absolutely no friends and without even participating in any club activities. On graduation day, Kinichiro and his classmate Akira Fujieda are involved in an accident, and are somehow sent back to the first day of freshman year! Will Kinichiro finally be able to have the high school experience he longed for?

Erased by Kei Sanbe cover

Erased by Kei Sanbe

Satoru Fujinuma is a seemingly ordinary guy trudging through his seemingly ordinary life, but he’s got a secret: he possesses an involuntary ability that he calls “Revival” that sends him back in time whenever life-threatening events occur, allowing him to prevent them. One day, he’s sent back further than ever before — 18 whole years, to when he was just a young boy. But now that he’s here, he realizes he’s got an opportunity to save multiple people, including a group of childhood friends who all lost their lives in a kidnapping incident that occurred when they were kids. Will he be able to do it?

Steins;Gate by Yomi Sarachi cover

Steins;Gate by Yomi Sarachi

Based upon the 2009 visual novel game of the same name developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, Steins;Gate is another story that explores themes of time travel and altering the past. In Akihabara, Rintaro Okabe and his friends develop a special device using a microwave and a cell phone that allows them to send text messages to the past, gradually causing changes to the present timeline. Meanwhile, a special agency that has been studying time travel catches wind of their machine and attempts to gain possession of it, no matter what it takes.

orange by Ichigo Takano cover

orange by Ichigo Takano

High school student Naho begins to receive letters sent from 10 years in the future. These letters, written by her future self, give her specific instructions in order to help prevent future Naho’s regrets and a tragic event that affected her friend group. Though skeptical at first, Naho begins to believe the letters as they correctly predict various events and starts to do what they ask in order to help change the future.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time by Ranmaru Kotone cover

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time by Ranmaru Kotone

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was originally a novel written by science fiction author Yasutaka Tsutsui in the 1960s. It is one of his most renowned and well-known books and went on to spawn many adaptations. One of the most popular adaptations is arguably the 2006 animated film, which in turn was adapted into this manga. In the story, a young girl suddenly gains the ability to time-leap, causing her to relive the same day repeatedly in a time loop, and gradually altering the fates of those around her.

Tokyo Revengers: A Letter from Keisuke Baji by Yukinori Natsukawaguchi cover

Tokyo Revengers: A Letter from Keisuke Baji by Yukinori Natsukawaguchi

Finally, if you were hoping for not just manga like Tokyo Revengers, but for more of the actual story itself, have no fear! It exists! Tokyo Revengers: A Letter from Keisuke Baji is an official spin-off from the original story, created by Yukinori Natsukawaguchi, and it’s available digitally through Kodansha’s digital platform, K Manga. It reveals more about the relationship between Keisuke Baji, a founding member and the Captain of the First Division of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and Vice Captain Chifuyu Matsuno.

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