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Dear Publishing: I Will Not Be Reading Any “Manga-Inspired” Comics and Here’s Why

So, publishing, here’s some homework for you: Learn what manga actually is, and erase “manga-inspired” from your lexicon.

Get Ready to Enjoy 12 of the Best Grumpy/Sunshine Manhwa

When the grumpy falls for the sunshine one? Chef's kiss! Check out this list of the best grumpy/sunshine manhwa you can read right now.

11 of the Best Isekai Manga

Find a guide to isekai itself, as well as a list of some of the best isekai manga to get you started reading in the genre, like I’m in Love with the Villainess by Inori and Aonoshimo.

Oh, The Yearning: 10 of the Best Historical Romance Manga and Webcomics

Don't you just love the soft, stolen gazes and graces of hands in historical fiction? Check out 10 of the best historical romance manga, like Goodbye, My Rose Garden by Dr. Pepperco.

10 Slice-of-Life Romance Manga to Make You Smile

Get ready for some gentle feels and swoons by diving into this selection of the best slice-of-life romance manga, including My Love Mix-Up! by Wataru Hinekure and Aruko.

The Evolution of the Magical Girl in Manga and Anime

From the predecessors of the genre to the height of its popularity and how it endures today, this is the history of the magical girl.


If you need a little joy in your life, even if you're not usually a manga reader, the Househusband series is the best place to start.

The Best Completed Manga Series to Read From Start to Finish

Manga is filled with many ongoing titles, but what if you want to read something that's finished? Here are the best completed manga series, including Haikyu! by Haruichi Furudate.

The Most Popular Manga For High School Students

A school librarian who runs a weekly manga club shares a list of the most popular manga for high school students.

New 2022 Manga to Put on Your Radar

2021 saw the release of many excellent series and next year looks to be no different. Keep an eye out for these new 2022 manga!