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#3 on a ya theme

Recent YA Releases Set in the 1990s

These cool girls, rap battles, and haunted game machines will have you feeling all the nostalgia in these recent YA releases set in the '90s.

3 2023 YA Novels with Punny Titles

Punny titles throw a nice wink at the reader and might make potential readers laugh, and here are 3 of 2023's best YA books with punny titles.

YA Books About AI

And these YA books by real humans imagine futures with AI that are thought provoking (and maybe a little scary!).

YA Books about Japanese American Imprisonment

Here are three great YA novels if you'd like to know more about Japanese American imprisonment during WWII.

’90s Timeslip YA Novels

If you are curious about the '90s and you want to travel back in time, then make sure these '90s timeslip YA novels are on your TBR!

YA Romances That Take Inspiration from Classic Romcom Movies

It is the age of the YA romcom, and we're here for it. Here are 3 YA romcoms that take their inspiration from romcoms from decades past.

3 YA Books About Vigilante Justice

These books explore the empowering aspects of girls taking matters into their own hands and fighting back, but also show the complications.

More YA Books That Take Place in a Single Day

If you're looking to inhale a YA novel — or just read large chunks of it — these YA books that take place in a single day are perfect.

New YA Books Perfect for Winter Holiday Reading

These five holiday books are about Hanukkah, are written by authors of color, and one even centers a queer romance!

3 on a YA Theme: YA Books About Teens and Seniors

These YA novels show meaningful relationships with a teen's grandparents as well as other seniors in a teen's life.