#Censorship News Roundup

Classroom Censorship in Mat-Su Alaska School District Latest In Long Line

Conservative, pro-family white men on an Alaska school board pull books from upper-level elective English classrooms.

Tennessee Becomes Next State Seeking Public Library Oversight, Censorship

Tennessee "parental oversight committee" bill would censor public library programs, materials.

Librarians, Advocacy Groups Take Action Against Missouri’s Proposed Censorship Legislation

What librarians and advocates for intellectual freedom are doing in the face of Missouri's unconstitutional censorship bill.

New Proposed Legislation in Missouri To Censor Public Library Materials

A new bill in Missouri would leave the selection of "appropriate" material for youth in libraries to untrained community members.

Leander, TX Library Director Loses Job for Hosting Pride Story Time

The Leander Texas Library director has been fired for hosting Pride story time.

“Literature Locked Up” Supports An End to US Prison Book Bans for Banned Books Week

PEN America launches their "Literature Locked Up" program for Banned Books Week in support of ending prison book banning.

Florida Prisons Censoring, Banning Books Without Clear Reasoning

“[T]hose librarians failed students”: Book Ban at Irving Independent School District

New Hampshire Prisons Ban Books Critical of Prison System, Award Winners

Ohio Becomes Latest State To Attempt To Stop Book Donations to Incarcerated