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Sparkly and Fun Stickers for Library Lovers

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Are you a library lover? It doesn’t matter if that means you’re a librarian or library worker, casual user, or power user, chances are if you love the library, you really LOVE the library. Public libraries in the US are among the only third spaces in the country where you can be and not be expected to pay to utilize the space or its resources (for the most part–you do pay taxes or, if outside a taxing zone, you might need to pay a low annual membership fee). They’re also spaces of intellectual freedom, of access, and of resources that include not only books, databases, and programs, but knowledgeable people. This particular fandom is one that lends itself nicely to showing off, so perhaps you’re in the market for some sweet stickers for library lovers.

Find below a mix of supportive library stickers, library stickers that kindle a sense of nostalgia for old technology, and the kinds of fun, quirky stickers that will get you knowing glances from other library lovers.

‘Tis the season of getting our notebooks, water bottles, planners, and other goods all decorated with stickers and decals because that season happens to be every season. And the library? Well, that’s always in season, too.

Fun, Quirky, and Neat Stickers for Library Lovers

glittery sticker of a library stool

Who remembers these library step stools (or who still has them in their library)? Grab one of these sparkly stickers for $4.

Image of a bright colored library sticker

This library might be in colors that differ from most, but it’s packed with light, books, and the welcoming atmosphere you’d expect from one. $4.

don't tread on me sticker with the text "don't tread on libraries."

You’re damn right you don’t get to tread on libraries. $3.

let's all go to the library sticker, featuring several books marching.

These are a. some gorgeous books and b. books that know where there is fun to be had. Grab this library sticker for $3+.

book cart sticker with blue text that reads "libraries are not neutral."

If there’s one statement to be shouted from the rooftops, it’s this: libraries are not neutral. They shouldn’t be, and they can’t be, either. $3.

image of a book sticker with a due date card and the words "check me out."

Due date cards in the front of books may be outdated (hahahaha), but they’re never out of style. Check out this sweet sticker. $3.

sticker that says "read, return, repeat."

What do you do with material at the library? That’s right: read return repeat. $12, because this is a set of stickers.

Image of a sticker with a Brown librarian and the text "ask a librarian."

No matter how great the space, the books, or the nostalgic fun, it’s librarians who get the job done (along with all of the rest of the library worker staff, of course!). When in doubt, ask a librarian. $5, and this sticker is ~holographic~.

Image of two stickers, one pink and one green, in a retro font that say "library lover."

These library lover stickers have such a fun retro vibe. $3.

image of a sticker in the shape of library card catalog.

Online catalogs have made libraries so much easier and more convenient to navigate, but there will always be a little soft spot in my heart for the physical card catalog. $3.

Image of a sticker that looks like a book return slot.

It’s not an actual book return. It’s a book return sticker that sure looks a lot like the real thing. $4.

image of a bumper sticker that looks vintage and says "race you to the library!"

So long as it’s safe, this is the best kind of race to have. Can you get to the library first? Grab this bumper sticker for $12.

Black bumper sticker with white text that reads "it's a great day to visit the public library."

Speaking of good bumper stickers, how about one that’s straight to the point? $13.

Image of a sticker that reads "license to I.L.L."

This sticker is the nerdiest one on this list, but if you know, then you know. ILL for life. $4.

Image of a due date stamper sticker.

Check it out—it’s an old-school due date stamper. $2 and up.

image of a sticker featuring a library with the text "read local."

Last but not least, a gentle reminder to read local if you can—and by local, that’s your local library. $3.

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