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11 Must-Read New Comics and Graphic Novels in July 2023

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Chris M. Arnone

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The son of a librarian, Chris M. Arnone's love of books was as inevitable as gravity. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. His novel, The Hermes Protocol, was published by Castle Bridge Media in 2023 and the next book in that series is due out in winter 2024. His work can also be found in Adelaide Literary Magazine and FEED Lit Mag. You can find him writing more books, poetry, and acting in Kansas City. You can also follow him on social media (Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, website).

Another month means another fresh batch of comics. One of my least favorite feelings is walking into my local comic book store and not having the first clue what I want. Okay, let’s be honest, I never have that problem. But I can empathize. That’s why I’m back, yet again, with a great list to take to your local comic book shop and walk out with some great reads.

This month, the dark and creepy are taking over DC comics in a big way with Knight Terrors. Marvel is betting that you’re willing to drop $10 on some oversized single-issue comics, and I think they might be right. Oh, and there are vampires. The smaller publishers are bringing the fun, too, with great young adult tales, wicked cats, lady pilots, urban fantasy, and so much more. From single issues to graphic novels, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve spread these selections wide across the four weeks of July to go easy on your wallet. Let’s face it, though, comic book stores are like Costco. You never walk out with only what was on your list. Here are 11 new comics and graphic novels that you don’t want to leave off your reading list.

cover of Barnstormers #1

Barnstormers #1 by Scott Snyder, Tula Lotay

Set during World War I, this begins the story of John and Helen. He’s an injured hot-shot pilot back from the war. She loves flying just as much as him. Soon, they become a traveling act. He flies, and she walks on the wings, dazzling audiences below. Love blossoms as this story examines the early days of aviation.

cover of Big Game #1

Big Game #1 by Mark Millar, Pepe Larraz

Image Comics isn’t telling us much about Big Game, even to the point of keeping the cover secret to avoid spoilers. What we do know is that it’s a huge crossover of the Millarworld books like Kick-Ass and Kingsman. I’m certainly here for it.

cover of Blade #1 2023

Blade #1 by Bryan Hill, Elena Casagrande

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Blade comic, and he’s hitting shelves in a big way. Our favorite vampiric vampire hunter has accidentally unleashed an ancient and powerful evil. He not only has to deal with that, but the rest of the Marvel occult universe is on him to get it done.

cover of Firebird graphic novel

Firebird by Sunmi

This gorgeous two-color graphic novel explores the lives of two Asian American teens: Caroline and Kim. They’re queer. One is popular, the other isn’t. But when Caroline starts tutoring Kim, they find out how much they have in common, and a budding friendship soon blossoms into so much more.

cover of Hawkgirl #1 2023

Hawkgirl #1 by Jadzia Axelrod, Amancay Nahuelpan

With the disbanding of the Justice League, Hawkgirl is feeling a bit rudderless. So she heads to Metropolis to make a fresh start. But of course, a new villain emerges, one with a strong connection to the Nth metal. Sure, this is Superman’s town, but this is Hawkgirl’s fight.

cover of Knight Terrors: First Blood #1

Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter

The Knight Terrors event is taking over DC Comics starting in July, and it all kicks off with this oversized issue. When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find the bodies of villains in the Hall of Justice, they soon learn there’s a new villain at play, one who brings every hero’s nightmares to life.

cover of Marvel Age #1000

Marvel Age #1000 by J. Michael Straczynski, Dan Slott, Jason Aaron, Rainbow Rowell, Kaare Andres, Pepe Larraz, Marguerite Sauvage, etc.

This giant issue clocks in at nearly 100 pages, so no wonder it’s $10. But it’s chock full of great little stories from a who’s-who of Marvel writers and artists. X-Men, Human Torch, Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, and so many more get their spotlights in this cool volume. This is definitely one of the new comics and graphic novels you need to read.

cover of Moon Knight #25 2023

Moon Knight #25 by Jed Mackay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Alessandro Vitti, Partha Pratim

Yep, another 96-pager asking for $10 from you, but it looks totally worth it. Kicking off a big Moon Knight event, the lunar hero is pursuing a new villain who seems rather familiar. It’s a globe-trotting adventure with a cool backup story, too. And that cover is giving me major ’90s Spawn vibes.

cover of Paper Planes

Paper Planes by Jennie Wood, Dozerdraws

Dylan and Leighton used to be best friends. But they messed up. Bad. Now they’re off to summer camp for troubled youth. If they don’t straighten up and get good reports, they won’t be able to go back and attend high school. Can they come to terms with what they did and the remnants of their own friendship?

cover of Purr Evil #1

Purr Evil #1 by Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga

Honestly, I’m here for this based on the title alone. Despite her love, Rita has always been afraid of getting too close to her daughter, Deb. Rita has a dark secret in her past, after all, a secret that could threaten everything. But maybe it’s worth it. They’re just cats, after all. Right?

cover of Sirens of the City #1

Sirens of the City #1 by Joanne Starer, Khary Randolph

In New York City in the 1980s, Layla has run away from home. She’s struggling to find herself, let alone a place for her unborn child. When every sort of supernatural creature and terror descends on the city trying to control Layla, things just get more complicated.

Enough variety for you? What new comics and graphic novels are you looking forward to this month? How many of those Knight Terrors comics are you planning to read? I’d love to know.