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Hourly Comic Day: A Roundup of Great Hourly-Drawn Comics

In early February, comics creators, illustrators, and other creative people around the world come together for Hourly Comic Day, which is exactly what it says. Creators make a comic, every hour, about their day, or maybe about things they’ve been thinking about. They can be rough, sketchy, pencil comics, or more polished and colored illustrations of their day. What I love is that there are no guidelines or hard and fast rules. Just a day that everyone collectively agrees to create and post comics. I took my time this year, going through the hashtags and bookmarking posts to read later. And while this is a bit more belated than I intended, I’ve rounded up a collection of Hourly Comics, including both established and new creators, to peruse at your leisure.

Second half #hourlycomicday

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#hourlycomicday 8am – 1pm

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