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12 Erotic Short Stories for Your Ultimate Reading Pleasure (Including Free Reads!)

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Erin McCoy

Staff Writer

Erin is a coffee shop explorer and yogi who moved to Minnesota a decade ago. She’s had the pleasure of studying both music theory and student development theory on her quest to earn degrees in music and academic advising. Erin owns an inordinate number of romance novels, coffee mugs, and bottles of vodka distilled in the Midwest. She lives with her husband, daughter, and a dog named Dixie.

Sometimes I’m not interested in getting invested in a new book, I just want something down and dirty, a short story to cleanse my palate, perhaps a love story that can be read over my lunch break. It’s times like these that I very often reach for erotic short stories. Since I don’t typically read full-length erotic romance novels, these erotic stories work to get my mind off paranormal worldbuilding or to rev me out of a reading slump; they clear my mind in a totally fun, completely delicious way. Even if you read erotic romance (or erotica) regularly, the recommendations below are worth reading. Full of bad boys, BDSM, and kink, they will most assuredly spice up your reading life.

Erotic short stories or novellas

1. Only for a Nightonly for a night by Naima Simone by Naima Simone

Ex-mobster turned sex club owner agrees to one night of passion with a widow he has known for years.

2. So Sweet by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Woman seeks sugar daddy via online dating app and finds a billionaire silver fox.

3. Dominating the Doctor by Laura Jardine

One night of fantasy for a doctor and the man who has been thinking about her for a year.

4. Be My Fantasy by Alisha Rai

Daughter of a politician creates an alter ego so she can play at a sex club.

5. One Night in Washington, DC by Jordan Monroe

Two musicians decide to share a passionate evening.

6. Bought and Paid For by Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie

Through a business deal, an older man claims a young woman who has just come of age.

7. Falling for the BabysitterErotic Short Stories | Book Riot by Penny Wylder

Single Dad and 18-year-old next-door neighbor (who has had a crush on him for 5+ years) explore possibilities.

8. Armed and Dangerous by Jo Davis

Two detectives go undercover to solve a crime, and they can’t resist a few extracurricular activities.

9. Master of Freedom by Cherise Sinclair

Experienced Dom works a new sub and discovers he wants her for more than just play.

10. Womb of the New World by Mira Noire

In a post-nuclear future, cyborgs need to find a female who can carry their child.

11. My New Step-Dad by Alexa Riley

Girl tries to seduce step-father (and succeeds).

12. Only His by Madison Rose

Hunky movie star dates a woman who has no idea who he is.

Erotic short story anthologies and collections

Want even more erotic short stories? Check out these erotic fiction anthologies.

Rogue DesireErotic Short Story | Book Riot by Various Authors

Eight romances for #resistancefighters.

Princess Shanyin: The Complete Obsession Saga by Jeannie Lin

Princess has a harem of concubines, but she meets a man she desires above all others.

Loving on the Edge Bundle by Roni Loren

Four BDSM stories that explore sexy power exchanges and the possibility of lives together outside the playroom.

Casey’s Secrets by Ophelia Bell

Two Doms introduce a young girl (a step-daughter of one of them) to the life.

Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica by Various Authors

Post-punk erotic stories that feature corsets, kink, and pirates.

Free erotic short stories

There are also many places online to find free erotic short stories. Here are some of our favorites.

Erotic Short Stories | Book Riot

Alexis Hall’s Website
There Will Be Phlogiston is an LGBTQ steam-punk novella that’s especially fun and enticing.

Cecilia Tan’s Website
LOTS of steamy short stories, serials, scenes, and excerpts.

A Second Chance for Three by Christa Tomlinson
M/M short that you can read online or download.

R.G. Kerr’s Wattpad
Very fun, very explicit short stories.

Renee Rose’s Website
BDSM short stories and first chapters of longer novels.

Erotic Short Stories | Book Riot

Tiffany Reisz’s Website
A whole lot of standalone and connected short stories and novellas.

Nicole Cameron’s Website
Paranormal and contemporary flash fiction. 

Jane Colt’s Website 

Missy Welsh’s Website
M/M paranormal, new adult, and contemporary stories.

Where to find more erotic stories

Looking for even more erotica? We recommend checking out:

Any erotic romance or erotica short stories I should add to my TBR list? Add your favorite erotic stories in the comments!