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The Most Anticipated Cozy Mysteries of 2024

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CJ Connor


CJ Connor is a cozy mystery and romance writer whose main goal in life is to make their dog proud. They are a Pitch Wars alumnus and an Author Mentor Match R9 mentor. Their debut mystery novel BOARD TO DEATH is forthcoming from Kensington Books. Twitter: @cjconnorwrites |

Of all the genres, I think cozy mysteries are best suited for year-round reading. No books are better to read on a chilly winter or fall evening with a mug of hot chocolate. Spring and summer are well-suited for the genre, too. When it’s warm enough to go outside, I often find myself reading on a picnic blanket with my dog until it’s dark out with a particularly compelling mystery in hand. You can never go wrong with a cozy!

As you plan out your 2024 to-read list, keep these 15 cozy mysteries in mind. You’ll find contemporary, historical, and paranormal cozies alike, with amateur sleuths for whom no whodunit is too twisty. Each one is organized by date, so you know when you’ll be able to find them at your local bookstore or library.

Once you’ve found some recs for your TBR, check out the best cozy mystery series of all time—including Alexia Gordon’s Gethsemane Brown series, which was recently adapted into a Hallmark movie. A little something for seasoned cozy mystery fans and newcomers to the genre alike! Plus, read this primer to the rom-cozy genre for books that pair a clever mystery with a heartwarming love story.

The Most Anticipated Cozy Mysteries of 2024

The Expectant Detectives cover

The Expectant Detectives by Kat Ailes (January 9)

After moving to a quaint English village, mom-to-be Alice is hoping for relaxation. Unfortunately, she’s moved to one of those English villages where people get murdered more often than you’d expect. When a dead body is found near her prenatal class, she teams up with a new friend to catch the killer before they throw the community into chaos.

The Kamogawa Food Detectives cover

The Kamogawa Food Detectives by Hisashi Kashiwai (February 13)

The mystery at the heart of this cozy mystery is not murderous in nature but culinary. It’s centered around a restaurant owned by a father and daughter who investigate and recreate meals from their customers’ pasts—no matter how long ago the person last tasted it.

Ill-Fated Fortune cover

Ill-Fated Fortune (Magical Fortune Cookie #1) by Jennifer J. Chow (February 20)

After Felicity Jin’s fortune cookie business takes off, she runs out of pre-made messages and decides to write her own. But when the fortunes begin to come true, and a customer is murdered, she is unexpectedly framed for the crime.

Cirque du Slay cover

Cirque Du Slay (Hayden & Friends #2) by Rob Osler (March 5)

Hayden McCall is a full-time teacher, part-time queer blogger, and amateur sleuth in Seattle. Following a death at a local performing arts event, Hayden teams up with his best friend, Hollister, to solve the crime.

Death and Fromage cover

Death and Fromage (Follet Valley Mysteries #2) by Ian Moore (March 5)

Richard Ainsworth is an often-unlucky B&B owner who longs for a quiet life in the French village he calls home. He very rarely gets that. When a local restaurant loses a Michelin star and an employee drowns himself in the cheese tank, Richard can’t shake the feeling that foul play has occurred and reluctantly takes up the investigation.

A Midnight Puzzle cover

A Midnight Puzzle (Secret Staircase #3) by Gigi Pandian (March 19)

Stage magician Tempest Raj is devastated when her family’s company—Secret Staircase Construction—comes under fire for a crime they didn’t commit. Worse, the accuser turns up dead in a baffling manner just moments after a mysterious phone call. It takes someone with an eye for illusion to solve an impossible crime, and thankfully, that’s just what Tempest has.

Rhythm and Clues cover

Rhythm and Clues (Record Shop #3) by Olivia Blacke (March 26)

Juni, Tansy, and Maggie Jessop are three sisters who own a record shop-slash-café in Cedar River, Texas. No strangers to amateur sleuthing, they’re forced to take on a case with a time limit when they find themselves trapped with a killer during a thunderstorm.

A Deadly Walk in Devon cover

A Deadly Walk in Devon (A Walk Through England #1) by Nicholas George (March 26)

Grieving the death of his partner, retired detective Rick “Chase” Chasen visits England with his best friend Billie to get his mind off things. But danger soon follows him across the pond when an irritating entrepreneur turns up dead. Despite his misgivings towards the man, Chase takes on the case…even if it means giving up his peaceful vacation.

How to Solve Your Own Murder cover

How to Solve Your Own Murder by Kristen Perrin (March 26)

When teen Francis Adams predicted her murder in the 1960s, everyone dismissed it as a flair for the melodramatic. Over half a century later, she’s proven right. Too bad she’s not around to gloat. Her grand-niece Annie is determined to unravel what happened to Francis, even if it puts her own life on the line.

The Last to Pie cover

The Last to Pie (Pies Before Guys #3) by Misha Popp (May 21)

Daisy Ellery bakes pies touched with magic that gives people what they deserve. She uses her powers to deliver vigilante justice against abusive men. With a corrupt cop on her trail, Daisy Ellery is shocked when his girlfriend goes missing—and determined to find and protect her.

A Botanist’s Guide t Society and Secrets cover

A Botanist’s Guide to Society and Secrets (Saffron Everleigh #3) by Kate Khavari (June 4)

When her ex-partner’s brother Adrian is murdered, twentieth-century botanist Saffron Everleigh investigates out of loyalty to their family. But Adrian’s death is more troubling than it first appears, with an unexpected link to a Russian government worker’s murder by poisoning.

A Cup of Flour a Pinch of Death cover

A Cup of Flour, a Pinch of Death (Baker Street Mystery #3) by Valerie Burns (July 23)

After inheriting her great-aunt Octavia’s home in small-town Michigan, social media influencer Maddy Montgomery re-opens the family bakery. A series of murders and a stranger claiming to be a friend of Octavia disrupt Maddy’s newfound peace, but luckily, she’s a skilled amateur sleuth.

Peking Duck and Cover cover

Peking Duck and Cover (Noodle Shop #10) by Vivien Chien (July 23)

Lana Lee is a twentysomething sleuth who manages her family’s Ho-Le Noodle House restaurant in Cleveland. When a community Chinese New Year celebration turns deadly, Lana takes on the investigation herself.

Haunted to Death cover

Haunted to Death (Domestic Partners in Crime #3) by Frank Anthony Polito (August 20)

Peter Penwell and JP Broadway are home renovation TV stars and a real-life couple who moonlight as amateur sleuths. When a Halloween-themed project at a spooky mansion goes horribly wrong, Peter and JP must solve a decades-old cold case with a restless ghost haunting their set.

Guilt and Ginataan cover

Guilt and Ginataan (Tita Rosie’s Kitchen #5) by Mia P. Manansala (November 12)

Lila Macapagal is thrilled when her Brew-Ha Café is invited to participate in the autumnal Shady Palms Corn Festival. But a murderer lurks among the cozy autumnal festivities and, when they strike, Lila knows her sleuthing experience makes her the best person to restore calm to her community.

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