Man Sentenced to 16 Years for $3M Book Scam

For years, a Michigan man ran a book scam that illegally generated over $3 million dollars from Amazon. Then the FBI got involved.

Utah State Board of Education Policy Opens Door to Book Bans; First Books To Go

Utah enacted one of the strictest educational book policies in the country, celebrated by parental rights groups.

Sell Books in Paradise: Luxury Resort Hiring “Barefoot Bookseller”

Add "selling books in paradise" to the list of perfect jobs that exist and read on to find out more about the position in the Maldives.

Politics, Not Professionals, Will Determine Book Selection in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Politics, not professionals, will now determine what books may be added to Central Bucks School District in a dangerous new policy.

Barack Obama’s 2022 Summer Reading List

It's that time of year when we gather 'round and discuss former President Barack Obama's reading list for the summer!

2022 Booker Prize Longlist Announced

Chosen from 169 novels, this year's longlist is comprised of 13 novels that span the globe and the decades.

Pennsylvania School Board Voting On “Draconian” Book Ban Policy

The ACLU and ALA have both spoken out against the book policy being voted on tonight. There will be a press conference beforehand.

Lafayette Librarian Threatened with Firing for Opposing Censorship

Cara Chance has been accused of "insubordination" after speaking out against the library board's censorship attempts.

A Classroom Without Books: Florida Teachers Told To Remove Classroom Libraries for Review

Following the "Don't Say Gay" bill, Florida teachers have been told to pull their classroom libraries until each title has been approved.

The Most Popular In-Demand Books in U.S. Libraries: April-June 2022

These were the most popular in-demand books in US libraries from April to June 2022.