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[TEST] 10 Books from 2013 That Aged Badly and 10 That are Still Worth Reading

Do you remember what you were reading in 2013? Here are 10 books that aged badly over the past 10 years, and 10 that are still worth reading.

Truth Telling: 10 Great 2023 Nonfiction Books You (Maybe) Missed

Fill your brain to the brim with 10 Great 2023 Nonfiction Books You (Maybe) Missed. Don't let these amazing nonfiction reads pass you by!

Lawsuits Are The Way Forward: A Look at Every Current Book Ban Lawsuit

There are currently lawsuits against book ban laws and policies across the USA. Here's a guide to them as of December 2023.

20 Must-Read Queer Historical Fantasy Books

Start your journey into queer historical fantasy with these 20 absolute must-read books including A Marvellous Light and The Water Outlaws.

10 of the Most Polarizing Fantasy Books Ever Written

These fantasy books have been praised as the best in the genre — and derided as the worst of all time. Where do you fall?

5 Tips for Giving Better Bookish Gifts

Stop trying to make everyone read your favorites.

Authors and Bookish Accounts to Follow on Bluesky

If you're curious about the book scene on Bluesky, or want to curate your experience, here are some accounts to follow.

Retro Comic Rewind: The Purple Claw

Some comics are beloved by multiple generations. And others end up at the landfill. Where does The Purple Claw belong?

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