Passive Programming in School Libraries

Passive programming in a school library allows students a sense of ownership, a place to explore, experiment, and fail without consequence.

What To Do When You See Pride Displays in Libraries This Month

Censorship of queer books is at a high not seen in decades. This month, show librarians and teachers you appreciate their Pride displays.

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How can library staff members build a community of readers in our libraries? Some steps I've picked up from my time working in libraries.

School Librarians are Disappearing: Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

School libraries with full-time, dedicated librarians are the hub and heart of the school, but school librarian positions are disappearing.

Read Harder: Library Edition

The Read Harder challenge, library style! These books will help you not just Read Harder, but discover more about libraries and librarians.

The Most Popular In-Demand Books in US Libraries: January-March 2022

These were the most popular, in-demand books in US libraries from January to March 2022.

Boston Public Library Is Now Hosting 1-Hour Wedding Ceremonies for $200

While the Boston Public Library hosts lavish weddings at $15,000, the one hour ceremony is an affordable option for book-loving couples.

How to Make A Literary Escape Room In Your School or Public Library

Here's a guide on escape room library challenges and how to run them in an effective way in public and school library settings.

Traveling Library Lessons: Tips for Teaching on a Cart

There are a myriad of reasons that educators end up teaching on a cart. Whatever the reason, here are some tips for teaching on the go.

Texas Residents Sue Library Board for Banning Books in Closed Meetings

Residents of Llano County are suing for the library board violating their First Amendment rights by banning books without public input.