The Best Books of 2022

It's that time of year again — we're announcing the best books of 2022!

Do Main Characters Need to be Likable?

Do characters need to be likable in order for us to like them? One reader examines the subjective nature of likability and wha it even means.

An Absolutely Serious Guide to Fantasy Transportation

Here are some of the worst and best ways to get around our favorite fantasy worlds, from cannonball bubbles to flying castles.

The Best Bookish Deals for Cyber Monday

We've tracked down the best bookish Cyber Monday deals around — and may have added them to own own carts in the process.

What Happens When Publishing Houses Merge?

In November 2020, Penguin Random House expressed interest to buy competitor Simon & Schuster. What are the impacts of mergers such as this?

The Best Baby Christmas Books to Read and Gift

On the hunt for the best baby Christmas books to read or to buy for the holiday season? Find here a range of titles for the youngest ones.

The History of Fanny Hill and The Censoring of Women’s Pleasure

A history of FANNY HILL, one of the first erotic novels written in English, and its history of being censored and banned.

No, Books Should Not Have Content Ratings Like Movies

In recent years, certain groups have demanded a more robust rating system for books, but there are many reasons this would be inequitable.

42 of the Best Fantasy Novels From the Last 10 Years

Here are 42 of the best fantasy novels of the last 10 years, which include everything from witches to dragons, goblins to(d)jinn, like The Unbroken by C.L. Clark.

Science Fiction Trouble Feature: 10 of the Best Sci-Fi Horror Books

They did the genre mash: Check out 10 of the best new sci-fi horror books and be frightened by things that don't exist...yet, including Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes.