A Michigan Public Library May Close Due to Conservative Propaganda

800 votes made the difference between the Patmos Library keeping its funding and potentially shutting down, thanks to conservative propaganda.

These Frequently Banned Sex Ed Books Are Essential Reading in My Home

Diversity. Inclusion. Sexuality. These topics have been deemed verboten. But banned sex ed books like It's Perfectly Normal are essential reading in my home.

Book Banners Don’t Know What a Book Ban Is

People trying to remove books from libraries insist it's not a book ban. Everyone wants to ban a book, but no one wants to be a book banner.

Louisiana School Librarian of the Year Seeking Legal Action After Slander Campaign

The president of the Louisiana Association of School Libraries speaks at a local library board meeting and met with harassment.

The School Board Project, Round Two: Book Censorship News, July 29, 2022

School board information for four more states available from The School Board Project, plus this week's book censorship news.

Utah State Board of Education Policy Opens Door to Book Bans; First Books To Go

Utah enacted one of the strictest educational book policies in the country, celebrated by parental rights groups.

Politics, Not Professionals, Will Determine Book Selection in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Politics, not professionals, will now determine what books may be added to Central Bucks School District in a dangerous new policy.

What Is Publishing Doing to Combat Censorship?

Have you wondered what concrete measures publishing houses are taking to combat censorship? Read n to find out.

Pennsylvania School Board Voting On “Draconian” Book Ban Policy

The ACLU and ALA have both spoken out against the book policy being voted on tonight. There will be a press conference beforehand.

Lafayette Librarian Threatened with Firing for Opposing Censorship

Cara Chance has been accused of "insubordination" after speaking out against the library board's censorship attempts.