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Bookish Valentine’s Day Cards for Friends and Lovers

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Tirzah Price

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I know that the holiday isn’t always a popular one. I honestly miss the way we would celebrate as kids by handing out treats and little cards to everyone in our classes, and as someone who adores stationery and snail mail, I used to really love picking out the perfect Valentines and addressing them to everyone in my class. I feel like there is no reason why we shouldn’t still do that as adults — after all, who says that when we grow up, Valentine’s Day should only be about romance?

I’ve tracked down some of the cutest bookish Valentine’s Day notes and cards for both the lovers in your life and the friends as well! There are two sections, so feel free to scroll past the mushy, gushy ones and straight to the cute, sweet, and punny friendship ones toward the bottom. Bonus: Many of these also come as digital downloads, so if you waited until the last minute, you can still purchase, print, and deliver them!

I recommend including these notes with books (of course) or the perfect little treat or beverage to go with reading a great book!

Valentines for Lovers

Wordle Valentine’s Day Card ($6): For the lover who always gets their Wordle in every day.

A Valentine in the style of a Wordle game that reads "You Mean the Wordl to me" and "Happy Valentine's Day.

Fairy Tale Valentine ($10): This deluxe card is made with vellum, and the design is carefully laser cut and layered to be a stand-out greeting.

A black, red, and white Valentine of an open book that reads "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."

Let’s Cuddle and Talk Books ($6): Truly, this is the way to my heart.

A purple card with a stack of books that reads "Let's cuddle and talk books" and "Happy Valentine's Day"

You’ve Got a Hold on Me Card ($5): For the library power user in your life, this is the perfect pun.

A card depicting a library reserves cart with the words "You've really got a hold on me"

If You Were a Book Valentine ($5): Our favorite people are like our favorite books; we just don’t want to stop reading them.

a pink card with book stacks that reads "If you were a book, I'd never put you down"

You’re Like Curling Up with a Good Book ($5): Nothing beats that cozy, hanging-out-with-a-book feeling.

a purple book on a card that reads "You're like curling up with a good book"

Of All the Love Stories Valentine ($5): For the reader who really knows romance and knows when they have the real deal.

a pink card with stacks of romantic books that the words "Of all the love stories, I like ours the best"

Dark Romance Valentine ($7): For those who like their romances a little smuttier…

a red card with a pink book that reads "A very smutty love story" and the message "To my real life dark romance boyfriend"

Valentines for Friends

Love in the Bookshop Printable Valentines ($9): Everyone deserves to find a little love in the bookstore, and I love the diversity in these Valentines!

a set of eight watercolor Valentine's Day cards featuring various people finding love and connection at a bookstore

Same Page Valentines ($15+): These fun Valentines come with a little coloring bookmark to give to all your bookish besties!

A teal, white, and red Valentine's Card that says "I am so glad we are on the same page" with a coloring bookmark attached

Printable Book Lovers Puns Valentines ($6): From cheeky to sweet, these Valentines are perfect for slipping into someone’s locker, mailbox, or book.

6 small Valentines with punny messages from "You make me lose shelf control" to "You're #1 in my book"

Funny Friendly Bookish Valentines ($9): Perfect for your friends and book club pals!

Set of five bookish printable Valentines with encouraging and sweet messages for friends

No matter what your relationship status might be, I hope you can feel and spread some love this Valentine’s Day!