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25 of the Best Self-Improvement Books to Read in 2024

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Carolina Ciucci


Carolina Ciucci is a teacher, writer and reviewer based in the south of Argentina. She hoards books like they’re going out of style. In case of emergency, you can summon her by talking about Ireland, fictional witches, and the Brontë family. Twitter: @carolinabeci

Leftover Christmas and New Year’s candy has been eaten, resolutions and goals have been set, and 2024 planners and journals have been broken in. Yep, we’re officially well into the new year, which means that those same resolutions and goals have stopped looking exciting and begun looking intimidating, too difficult, just too much overall. More specifically, we’ve entered the part of January where we no longer bother trying to get in more hours of sleep or when we skip that therapy session because we’re too busy.

It may look different for everyone, but “giving up on self-improvement” often happens around this time. Of course, this is when we turn to books. Whether they’re self-help in the traditional sense or simply inspiring in general, they are there to guide us and light the way.

Here, I chose 25 of the best self-improvement books either published in the last quarter of 2023 or to be published sometime in 2024. The majority of these are self-help, but there are several on meditations and reflections that are absolutely worth a read. I believe that each and every one of these will offer valuable lessons for you to take into this new year.

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25 of the Best Self-Improvement Books to Read in 2024

Cover of Ten Times Calmer

Ten Times Calmer: Beat Anxiety and Change Your Life by Dr. Kirren Schnack

Anxiety affects over 300 million people worldwide, which means that a lot of us could benefit from this book. Dr. Kirren Schnack, an Oxford-trained and practicing NHS clinical psychologist, gives you a toolkit of actionable advice to deal with this common yet disarming mental illness.

Cover of Hidden Potential

Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things by Adam Grant

I’m just going to quote Serena Williams here: “I wish I could go back in time and gift it to my younger self.” I don’t know why you’d need further endorsement, but this book teaches you a new path to progress, helping you unlock your own hidden potential.

the cover of Build the Life You Want

Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier by Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey

We could all stand to be a little happier. In this book, Brooks and Winfrey give you the tools to improve your self-management and, as a result, improve your life.

Cover of Finding Your Way Meditations

Finding Your Way: Meditations, Thoughts, and Wisdom for Living an Authentic Life by Sharon Salzberg

Self-improvement has many facets. Stillness is an oft-forgotten one. In a world where we hardly ever get a chance to sit still, this book is a gentle reminder of how to do just that.

Cover of Your First Million


Money may not buy happiness, but it can sure as hell buy some peace of mind – and the time to dedicate to your own self-improvement. In this book, Hamilton teaches you how to make money in a practical way.

Cover of Feral Self-Care

Feral Self-Care: 100 Ways to Liberate and Celebrate Your Messy, Wild and Untamed Self by Mandi Em

Ah, self-care. Is there a more talked-about concept? Em gives you a list of self-care activities that have nothing to do with smoothies and yoga: from dancing in the rain to primal screaming, they will jolt you into living more fully.

Cover of Made Whole The Practical Guide Financial Goals

Made Whole: The Practical Guide to Reaching Your Financial Goals by Tiffany Aliche

Another book on finances, this one includes a workbook to immediately put its advice into practice. It’s been called “a masterclass in taking charge of your money.”

Cover of Get the Fck Out Your Own Way

Get The F*ck Out Your Own Way: A Guide to Letting Go of the Sh*t that’s Holding You Back by MJ Harris

Guess who my own worst enemy is? If you guessed myself, pat yourself on the back. Because I know I’m not alone there, I offer you this book that I’ve been looking forward to reading.

Cover of ADHD for Smart Ass Women

ADHD for Smart Ass Women: How to Fall in Love with Your Neurodivergent Brain by Tracy Otsuka

It’s easy to feel defeated by a world that isn’t geared towards neurodivergence. ADHD coach and podcast host Tracy Otsuka helps women with ADHD embrace the way their brain works through a set of strategies and systems.

Cover of Living the Artist's Way

Living the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

It’s a common misconception that only professional artists have or can improve their creativity. In this six-week course, one of the masters of creativity training helps you access one of the main tools: intuition.

Cover of Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Your Journey to Financial Freedom: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Wealth and Happiness by Jamila Souffrant

I’m a sucker for a good pun, so I was sold on this book as soon as I read that it would provide “readers with the resources they need to not only save for cake but eat it, too.” I mean, need I say more?

Cover of The 5 Resets

The 5 Resets: Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience by Aditi Nerurkar, MD (January 18)

Stress is inevitable, but learning how to handle it better is always on my to-do list. This book gives you five mindset shifts plus 15 proven techniques to actually improve your resilience and your relationship with stress.

Cover of Overcoming Imposter Anxiety

Overcoming Imposter Anxiety: Move Beyond Fear of Failure and Self-Doubt to Embrace Your Worthy, Capable Self by Ijeoma C. Nwaogu, PhD

Grounded in liberation psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, the strategies proposed by this book will help you move past your self-doubt and self-sabotage.

Cover of Heal Your Nervous System

Heal Your Nervous System: The 5–Stage Plan to Reverse Nervous System Dysregulation by Dr. Linnea Passaler

As someone who spent a considerable portion of her life in shutdown mode, I was sold on this book at once. If you feel like you’re constantly overwhelmed and/or in perpetual fight-or-flight mode, give this one a chance.

Cover of Slow Productivity

Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout by Cal Newport (March 5)

We’ve spent too long operating under the delusion that slow productivity is an oxymoron. Cal Newport says no more, delving into the work of brilliant people across history to set the principles of slow productivity.

Cover of I Did a New Thing

I Did a New Thing: 30 Days to Living Free by Tabitha Brown (January 30

We can’t grow if we’re stagnant. Tabitha Brown knows this, so she spent a month doing a new thing per day. In this book, she shares the incredible results.

Cover of A Year in Practice

A Year in Practice: Seasonal Rituals and Prompts to Awaken Cycles of Creative Expression by Jacqueline Suskin

Another book to help you strengthen your creativity, this one is grounded in nature, following along with the seasons.

Cover of Supercommunicators

Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection by Charles Duhigg

Pub date: February 20

If there’s one thing we as people need, it’s better communication skills. Duhigg acknowledges that having excellent communication skills is a superpower, one that is anchored in one of three types of conversations: practical, emotional, and social.

cover of Feel-Good Productivity: How to Do More of What Matters to You by Ali Abdaal

Feel-Good Productivity: How to Do More of What Matters to You by Ali Abdaal

Like slow productivity, feel-good productivity felt like a pipe dream before I heard about this book. He identifies three hidden ‘energisers’, three ‘blockers,’ and three ‘sustainers’; and helps you access what you need and overcome what you don’t.

cover of A Dirty Guide to a Clean House

A Dirty Guide to a Clean Home: Housekeeping Hacks You Can’t Live Without by Melissa Dilkes Pateras

Beloved on TikTok for her no-nonsense, funny housekeeping advice, Dilkes Pateras’ book follows the same style—and gives you a ton of tips to make your life easier and your home cleaner.

Cover of Languishing

Languishing: How to Feel Alive Again in a World That Wears Us Down by Corey Keyes (February 20)

This is one of my most anticipated books of the year. Keyes is a sociologist who draws on his years of studying langushing, “the state of mental weariness that erodes our self-esteem, motivation, and sense of meaning,” and proposes a way to break the cycles that lead to it.

Cover of Your Pocket Therapist

Your Pocket Therapist: Break free from old patterns and transform your life by Dr. Annie Zimmerman (January 11)

It goes without saying that this isn’t a substitute for actual therapy. But if you’re looking for an expert’s help to break patterns that no longer serve you, this book’s for you.

Cover of Optimal

Optimal: How to Sustain Personal and Organizational Excellence Every Day by Daniel Goleman and Cary Cherniss

Optimal performance requires emotional intelligence. In this book, Goleman and Cherniss delve into how the two are linked and give advice for improving both.

Cover of A Heart on Fire 100 Meditations

A Heart on Fire: 100 Meditations on Loving Your Neighbors Well by Danielle Coke Balfour

Another thing we need? Empathy and love for those around us. This book is a balm for the soul – and a valuable learning experience in a hundred different lessons.

Cover of Worthy

Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life by Jamie Kern Lima (February 20)

The single fundamental lesson we all have to learn at one point is that we are worthy, regardless of who we are or where we are in life. If you’re struggling with accepting that, give this one a read.

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