Tika Viteri

Tika has tucked herself into an apartment in Oakland, CA, ruled by two grey cats and an extremely finicky fiddle-leaf fig named Ruth Bader. She has also surrounded herself with enough gin, books, plants, and yarn to last a lifetime; her taste in all four leans highly colorful. When not reading and knitting, she can be found boxing, running (reluctantly), or yelling about politics online.

Dungeons & Dragons and Racism, Oh My

It's on fans of Dungeons & Dragons to hold the creators accountable for racism.

A Brief History of Botanical Illustration

A look at the history of botanical illustration, from pharmacopoeia dating back to 50–70 CE to more modern renderings of the earth's plants.

Respected Sociologist and Activist James Loewen Dies at 79

Sociologist, activist, and author James Loewen dies at age 79. Here's a look at his legacy.

Bookish Hills Upon Which I am Prepared To Perish

Because sometimes you just need to stir the pot, here are the bookish hills this Rioter is willing to die on (plus a bonus Grease hot take).

What Makes Successful Poetry?

What makes poetry successful? Is there a difference between "best" and "best-selling?" A deep dive into the world of poetry.

Dolly Parton and James Patterson Team Up To Write Run Rose Run

Ever dreamed of reading a book by Dolly Parton? Dream no more, as Dolly Parton is writing a book, adding to her literary endeavors.

Your Guide to New Marvel Movies and TV in 2021 and 2022

As this list of new Marvel movies and TV shows highlight one thing is completely clear: Disney and Marvel have a lot of stories left to tell.

Reader, It Blew My Mind: The Legacy of Jane Eyre

Reflecting on a 100-level British Lit college course that blew her mind, one reader dives into the lasting legacy of Jane Eyre.

School Librarian Population Declines by 20% In Last Decade

A new study shows 20% drop in school librarians, and it's the schools that need them the most that are losing them.

Mix Up a Mocktail and Read These 9 Books About Prohibition

Prepare your favorite drink to sip while you peruse these books about the Jazz Age, temperance, and prohibition.