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More Questions Than Answers Arise As Manuscript Thief Caught

The thief who'd been seeking -- and successfully acquiring -- pre-published manuscripts of big books and debuts has been arrested.

The Bookish Life of Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O'Hara. You adore her. My best friend adores her. My mother adores her, my children adore her. The bookish life adores her.

The Best Audio Adaptations of A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Get in the holiday spirit with the best of the best radio dramas, audiobooks, and other adaptations of A Christmas Carol.


If you want to plan an Alice in Wonderland tea party, here are some invitation, decor, and party favor ideas you'll love.

Feminist Author bell hooks Has Died at 69

Legendary feminist author and activist bell hooks has died at the age of 69.


Is A Christmas Carol anti-capitalism or just reformist? Is it a morality tale? What was the author's intent, and how has it been read since?

The Best Tabletop Roleplaying Games and Accessories (That Aren’t D&D)

From Studio Ghibli inspired to tarot-based, these tabletop RPGs can be played alone or with others (even from a distance!).

8 Fictional Books About Writers and the Writing Life

Sure you can read memoirs or biographies of authors. But what about fictional books about writers and the writing life? Let’s explore titles like Beach Read.

Every Bookish Announcement From Disney+ Day

Nearly everything Disney announced for Disney+ Day is bookish in one way or another, from direct adaptations of books to Marvel and Star Wars series.

A Brief History of Vampires & Werewolves in Ireland & the United Kingdom (and Some of Europe)

Let's talk blood-suckers and shape-shifters! A brief history of vampires and werewolves in mythology and literature from Ireland and the UK.