Quiz: Decide Your Winter Aesthetic and Get Your Next Wintry Read

Christmas at Holiday House by RaeAnne Thayne.

Christmas at Holiday House is a heartwarming story about young mother searching for an unforgettable Christmas for her son.

Aah, winter. Many look at the drop in the temperature and let out exasperated sighs. “Only six more months till summer,” they console themselves. While many others get out their stash of warm drinks, all too happy to say goodbye to iced everything.

If you are a lover of stories though, something completely different is going on in your mind. You are anxiously looking at the clock; for the kids to sleep, for work to be done, for all that needs doing is done, so you can do what you have wanted to all day: curl up with a good story.

The time has come. You have a moment to yourself. You make your way to your reading spot, get in a comfortable position, you don’t intend to move for at least the next hour. And you realize you have nothing to read. All the books disgust you (for only that moment); you long for the allure of a pick just for you. Well, we have got you covered. Answer some questions in this quiz about your ideal winter reading aesthetic and we will help you find your next read.