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Gorgeous and Unique Personalized Bookmarks You’ll Want Right Now

As any book lover knows, you can never have enough bookmarks, especially if you’re reading several books at once. It’s just nice to have a way to mark where you left off. You can, of course, always resort to using whatever is laying around. But you don’t have to, not when there are so many beautiful personalized bookmarks available for your collection. And, if you’re using a library book, all librarians of the world beg you to use a proper bookmark. The random items used (not to mention the dog-earing of pages) have left us with nightmares.

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Fantastic Personalized Bookmarks and Where to Find Them

I’ve gone looking for some awesome, personalized bookmarks that you’ll want right now. No reason you can’t keep your books marked in your own distinct style. Below are some of my finds. 

These stylish leather bookmarks are just flat-out classy and pretty. 

While these distinguished leather bookmarks are darker and richer, giving them a more formal look.

I’m coveting this gorgeous, sleek, engravable gold bookmark.


This quirky wire bookmark can be changed to fit a book lover’s unique loves (I particularly love the Potter glasses and cat options).

The entire family can have a wooden Game of Thrones bookmark because house allegiance must be made clear. 


You can personalize this copper bookmark with specific coordinates. So it’s not only meaningful but gorgeous. 

Sometimes, simplicity is the goal, and in that case, this wooden bookmark works perfectly. 

A simple laser engraved bookmark that is modern and completely adorable.

Colorful tassel bookmarks. Calligraphy handwriting adds a lovely touch, and the price makes them a steal. 

A faux leather bookmark, because some like the classic leather look without the use of animal products.

Who wouldn’t want this perfect hand-embroidered corner bookmark? Wonderfully handcrafted, and the corner bookmark is a nice change. 

Leather, wood, wire, linen—take a look through and see which one (or ones, I’m a bit of a bookmark addict, myself) are perfect for you. Or, match one of these bookmarks with a fantastic bookish gift for the perfect present for any occasion.

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