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5 Spoonie Reading Aids

Nina Grauer

Staff Writer

Transcending charmingly eccentric and entering just plain weird, Nina Grauer is currently a Senior in Penn State's BFA Stage Management Program. She originally hails from Long Island, and hopes to settle in NYC, land of walking too fast. She lives with her dog in training, Pooka, and no one else because she's an introvert and is autistic. Please don't touch her.

First of all, if you’re confused about what a spoonie is, click here to learn more about spoon theory. Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get started!

I love reading, but I know that sometimes, it costs major spoons. If it’s a bad pain day, your wrists might hurt too much to hold up your big, beefy hardcover. Or maybe your vision isn’t great at the moment, and you’re struggling to clearly see the text. Whatever the reason might be, I’ve complied a list of five things that might help us put some spoons back in our drawers!

Spoonie Reading Aids

LEVO G2 Hands Free Bookholder - Reading Book Stand

LEVO G2 Hands Free Bookholder – Reading Book Stand

Sometimes pain or weakness in your hands and wrists can make holding onto a book a bit too difficult. Or maybe you can’t remain vertical long enough to read your sprawling epic fantasy. This stand will do all of the holding for you, down to the pages, and you can use it lying down. The main con is that while it is the best model in terms of accessibility to those with low mobility, it is pretty expensive. Check out this other article about the 35 Of The Best Book Holders for some alternate options.

Easy Book Clip

Easy Book Clip

Many folx with EDS find holding a book open difficult due to the amount of strain it puts on their finger joints. The awesome EDS blog Zebra Pit wrote an article all about how this nifty little book clip saved them from hand pain time and time again. This clip can also be used lying down, or can be used to keep a book standing upright. Nifty, indeed!

Peter Pan Writing Gloves by storiarts

Peter Pan Writing Gloves by storiarts

Those of us with circulation issues might find that chilly hands get in the way of reading time. Keep your paws a little warmer while leaving your fingers free with these writing gloves. I could also see myself using these to cover the pain relief patches I put on my wrists and hands so they don’t make my beautiful book all sticky.

The Reizen 3X Hands Free Full Page Magnifier for Reading

Reizen 3X Hands Free Full Page Magnifier for Reading

Sometimes the text of the average novel is too small, but you still wanna read physical books. This magnifier has legs to stand over your book on a desk, or can be hung from a lanyard so you can read a book on your lap.

Felt Flow Book Mark by FeltArty

Felt Flower Book Mark by FeltArty

Now you might be saying: “really, a book mark?” Well, sometimes my executive disfunction makes it hard for me to finish a book, or pick it up once I’ve put it down. I picked this specific book mark because it looks like it will stay in place nicely. The petals also look fun to fidget with!