Get Booked

Get Booked is a weekly show of custom book recommendations from the bookworms at Book Riot.

Episode 18Also, Some Camels

Amanda and Jenn recommend books about space, modern Westerns, and more on this week's Get Booked.

Episode 17Saddled with a Murderess

Episode 16Mermaids Because of Reasons

Amanda and Jenn recommend works of magical realism, portal fantasy, epic sweeping family sagas, and more!

Episode 15Send Me Short Stories

Amanda and guest co-host Liberty recommend short story collections, WWII nonfiction, and more.


Jenn and Amanda recommend diverse classics, quiet middle America stories, and more! This episode is sponsored by Murder on Wheels by Lynn Cahoon and Penguin Random House Audio

Episode 13Byronic Feels

We're talking modern gothic novels, religious nonfiction, books for escapism, and more. Enjoy!

Episode 12Hard Boiled Cookbooks

We're talking hard boiled detective stories, cookbooks, West Wing read-a-likes, and more! This episode is sponsored by Book Riot Live and the Book Riot Store.

Episode 11The Night Circus Void

Amanda and Jenn recommend books to read after college, what to read to fill the void left by The Night Circus, and more. This episode is sponsored by Jakob's Colors by Lindsay Hawdon and the Book Riot Store.

Episode 10Grief, Translations, and Wacky British Fantasy

Jenn Northington joins as our new permanent co-host as we take the show weekly! *confetti cannon* This week we're talking books to read after losing someone to suicide, modern works in translation, and more.

Episode 9Holiday Recommendations, Part II!

Welcome to Episode 9, our second episode all about holiday gift giving recommendations! I brought Jenn Northington back to be my guest host for this one because she’s a book recommendation MACHINE, I tell you. Jenn is our Events Director here at Book Riot, cohost of the Bookrageous podcast, part-time bookseller at Word, and member of five book groups. Find her on Twitter @jennIRL.