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Let’s Play A Little Bookish Would You Rather?

Kristina Pino |
6 years ago

Let’s play a game! It’s called Would You Rather… except today it’s all about the things that make us bookish folk tick. Feel free to play along by commending on your responses after you’ve finished noodling.


Would you rather… have unlimited access to ARCS but none to any book released in the last 5 years, OR have unlimited access to only books released 5+ years ago?


Would you rather… try to escape a labyrinth with Katniss Everdeen OR Arya Stark?



Would you rather… your favorite author read their next book to you OR dedicate it to you, where your name will forever be immortalized?



Would you rather… face a Jabberwock OR Pennywise the Dancing Clown?



Would you rather… only access books via the library or only ever buy them?