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29 GAME OF THRONES Gifts at Every Price Point for Every Fan

Dear Game of Thrones fans, after compiling this list of excellent Game of Thrones gifts at every price point, my entire paycheck is spent. And they were all gifts for myself. It’s a problem. And now I’m passing that problem on to you. Enjoy.

Game of Thrones Gifts for $10 and Under

1. Stark Game of Thrones Keychain: For your friend, family member, or significant other who has extreme house loyalties, get them this beautiful metal House Stark keychain. Only $9.52 on Etsy, with free shipping!

2. Funko POP Game of Thrones Mystery Mini: I love buying these because for some reason not knowing what I’m going to get is way more exciting than picking the character I want. It’s, like, destiny that I got Ned Stark in my last mystery box, or something. You can pick them up for $6.99 on Amazon.

3. DIY Dragon Egg Plush Knitting Pattern: Where are my dragons!?! Right here inside these cuddly plush knitted dragon eggs, probably. Get the pattern and make some for all your Game of Thrones friends. Only $5.

4. Valar Morghulis Embroidery Pattern: Simple enough for beginners, this Valar Morghulis pattern is the perfect way to get into making embroidery for all of your friends. And it’s totally not creepy at all to give your loved ones a cross stitch that says “All Men Must Die.” Again, only $5.

5. Game of Thrones Stemless Wine Glasses: If what you do is drink and know things, then you know you should be drinking out of these house sigil stemless wine glasses. The glasses run between $5 and $7.50, depending on the house.

Game of Thrones Gifts for $20 and Under

6. Official Game of Thrones wines: Now that you have your wine glasses, grab a beautifully decorative bottle of Chardonnay and/or Pinot Noir at $20 a pop. Each bottle comes with a complimentary G0T corkscrew, and if you order 12 bottles, shipping is only 1¢.

7. Game of Thrones House Lannister Scented Candle: Apparently House Lannister smells like cinnamon and treachery, and I am into it. Pick up this candle for only $12.99.

8. Game of Thrones Whiskey Decanter Set: If you’re shopping for someone who is more of a whiskey person than a wine person, this is the perfect Game of Thrones gift. Choose only the decanter for $17.99. Get one glass for $14.99. Or build a whole gift box for $140.39.

9. Game of Thrones Dire Wolf Plush: Think Game of Thrones would be better with more dire wolf screen time? Same. That’s why I love these official dire wolf plushies. Click the link to get Sansa’s dire wolf Lady for $19.22 on Amazon. Of course, Shaggydog, Summer, Nymeria, Grey Wind, and Ghost are also available.

Game of Thrones Gifts for $50 and Under

10. Game of Thrones Arya Stark Charm Bangle: Inspired by everyone’s favorite badass assassin, this Rafaelian Silver bangle by Alex and Ani is the perfect gift for Arya Stark fans (so, basically everyone). $39

11. Game of Thrones Living Card Game: Play as House Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, Martell, Tyrell, or Greyjoy and battle other houses in this deck-building game. I absolutely adore this game, Fantasy Flight Games’s longest-running living card game, which is now being rereleased with gorgeous new artwork, more ways to strategize, and streamlined rules. Buy the starter box for $23.96 on Amazon, and then buy the expansion packs for each house for around $20.

12. Targaryen/Stark 2020 Fleece Sweater: For the Game of Thrones fan who is also political, it’s time to make Westeros great again with this sexy fleece sweater. Get cozy in one for $36.

13. Canvas Seven Kingdoms Map: Add a little Game of Thrones to your home decor with this map of the Seven Kingdoms on a large canvas. Choose your size. Get one panel for $48.44, or go nuts and get three large panels for $200. Check the Etsy listing for all the different size options.

14. Game of Thrones Scotch Whisky Collection: What a great gift to pair with the decanter mentioned earlier. Or let these bottles stand on their own! Grab a bottle of whisky in honor of your house of choice, or choose a bottle of Johnny Walker White Walker Blended Scotch Whisky. Or try them all. Up to you. Starting at $26.24.

15. Game of Thrones Tarot Deck: This tarot deck features beautiful illustrations from the television show, but more importantly, this deck will tell you your future. When you play the game of thrones, will you win or will you die? Find out for $24.95.

16. Game of Thrones: ClueWith all of the murder and scheming in Game of Thrones, it’s the perfect story to adapt into a new edition of the classic board game Clue. Get your loved one a copy for $43.98.

17. Targaryen Mini-Backpack: Now that’s school’s out for summer, the student in your life is probably looking for a backpack that’s a bit smaller, something appropriate for fun summer adventures. Enter this stunning House Targaryen Mini-Backpack, which can be purchased for $39.99.

18. Iron Throne Toilet Decal: You too can sit on your very own Iron Throne in the comfort of your own bathroom with this toilet decal. $29.95.

19. House Stark Dinner is Coming Cutting Board: This durable bamboo cutting board is laser engraved with the Stark house sigil. This is a great gift for any Game of Thrones fan who loves to cook. $38.99

Game of Thrones Gifts for $100 and Under

20. Winterfell 3D Puzzle: For the puzzle lovers in your life, get them this 910-piece 3D replica of Winterfell, home of the Starks. Available for $64.95.

21. Mother of Dragons Cosplay Dress : This beautiful dress will remind you of Daenerys Targaryen’s simpler days in Essos. And it’s only $72.90.

22. House Targaryen Dragonstone Ring: This handmade sterling silver ring is an excellent way to make a statement about where your house loyalties lie. Stark and Lannister rings are also available. You can get the house of your choice for $63.

23. Jumbo Viserion Dragon Plush: With a wingspan of two feet and standing 19 inches tall, this giant version of “icy” Viserion is intimidating, but it’s also plush and cuddly. Did I mention he has icy blue eyes that light up? Yeah, he’s pretty cool, and he’s only $57.51 on Amazon.

Game of Thrones Gifts for $100+

24. Collectible Dragon Egg Box: Pretend you’re the Mother of Dragons and guard these gorgeous dragon eggs with your life. Warning: do not attempt to walk in a fire and hatch dragons. These are merely replicas, not real dragon eggs. $199.95

25. Urban Decay Game of Thrones Vault: This makeup collection keeps selling out everywhere, and it’s easy to see why. Inspired by the Seven Kingdoms, this 13-piece collection includes the entirety of the Urban Decay Game of Thrones make-up line. This is basically your entire make-up arsenal: the Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette, Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette, Lip & Cheek Stain, four 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, four Vice Lipsticks, Jon Snow’s Large Longclaw Eyeshadow Brush, and Arya Stark’s Needle Flat Eyeshadow Brush. $250.

26. Game of Thrones Tour: They say it’s better to spend money on experiences rather than things, so why not give your loved one the ultimate Game of Thrones gift and take them on a tour of Westeros? Or, at least, the filming locations in Ireland. Travel packages start at $250.

27. Adidas X Game of Thrones Ultraboost Shoes: For the Game of Thrones fans who are also into running (or at least looking like they could run). These shoes come in six different colors: Targaryen dragons, House Targaryen, House Lannister, White Walkers, Night’s Watch, and House Stark.

28. Handmade Iron Throne Replica: For $7,199, this handmade Iron Throne replica, forged from actual swords, can be yours. It’s pretty incredible.

Game of Thrones Gift for $5-$1000

29. Lastly, for the Game of Thrones fan who has it all, consider something no one can ever have too many of: a Starbucks gift card. We all know a double tall latte is the drink of choice for the Queen of Dragons, so if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for your Game of Thrones BFF.

Happy shopping! And for even more Game of Thrones gift ideas, peep this selection of Game of Thrones shirts, or these books for fans of Game of Thrones. 

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