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8 Beautiful Floral Bookmarks

Despite the worryingly warm weather, it isn’t yet spring. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get our floral fix now with these lovely floral bookmarks!

Floral embroidered bookmark by NZEmbroideryEmbassy from etsy

Embroidered Floral Bookmark by NZEmbroideryEmbassy

This adorable metal bookmark with the teeniest floral embroidery detail will let you channel your inner crafty grandma. Flip through your latest cozy mystery with your equally cozy bookmark. Looking for more embroidered goodness? Check out these literary-inspired embroidery hoops!

Forget Me Not Floral Bookmark by PatsysPressedFlowers from etsy

Forget Me Not Floral Bookmark By PatsysPressedFlowers

How about a bookmark with some actual flowers? These very simple, aesthetic floral bookmarks will bring a touch of springtime to any book you’re reading.

brass honeybee bookmark by EmBEElish from etsy

Brass Honeybee Bookmark by EmBEElish

You can’t have flowers without some bees to pollinate them. This fuzzy little cutie is surrounded by filigree. There are even some teeny, tiny flowers. What a BEEutiful bookmark.

Elastic hummingbird bookmark by HeartFeltCraftingPA from etsy

Elastic Hummingbird Bookmark by HeartFeltCraftsCA

Speaking of pollinators, we’ve got this adorable little hummingbird made of fuzzy wool felt. The elastic band of this bookmark will keep your place without marring your pages with dents or scratches. So, if your book’s your baby, this one’s for you.

Standing Lace Bookmark by LadyBugSewn from etsy

Standing Lace Bookmark by LadyBugSewn

This dainty little bookmark is the perfect thing to tuck into the pages of your latest book. The sweet little tulips make this uniquely-shaped bookmark one-of-a-kind.

Corner bookmarks by FunkyPinkFlamingo from etsy

Corner Bookmarks by FunkyPinkFlamingo

This set of two corner bookmarks provide yet another way to keep your place. Just pop one of these on the corner of your page and you’re good to go. These are all fabric, so they can go anywhere. Now you’ll have an emergency bookmark just in case!

Flower Bookmark by CraftSoSweet from etsy

Flower Bookmark by CraftSoSweet 

This adorable bookmark is all flower, no ifs, ands, or buts. Tuck the larger flower in between your pages, and the little flower will dangle out. There are also tons of color options! This is a bookmark that doesn’t really look like a bookmark, and it’ll look cute no matter where you leave it. But be careful, someone might snatch it up!

Floral Watercolor Booksleeve by theauntfarm from etsy

Floral Watercolor Book Sleeve by theauntfarm

Okay, so it’s not a bookmark. But look at how pretty and floral it is! Tuck your favorite book inside this beautiful book cover to keep it safe from the elements. Or maybe shove it in between the pages of your book like a bookmark, I’m not the boss of you.