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14 February 2024 Book Club Picks, From Reese’s Book Club To Sapph-Lit

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Jamie Canaves

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Jamie Canavés is the Tailored Book Recommendations coordinator and Unusual Suspects mystery newsletter writer–in case you’re wondering what you do with a Liberal Arts degree. She’s never met a beach she didn’t like, always says yes to dessert, loves ‘80s nostalgia, all forms of entertainment, and can hold a conversation using only gifs. You can definitely talk books with her on Litsy and Goodreads. Depending on social media’s stability maybe also Twitter and Bluesky.

We are now in February which means it’s time to find out what a bunch of great book clubs selected as their book pick this month. *and the book crowd cheers!*

I love putting together this roundup because it offers so many different ways for readers to engage (as little or as much as they prefer) with books, authors, and fellow readers. Almost all the book clubs are virtual and offer different ways to engage on social media and have author discussions. And, if—for whatever reason—you shy away from joining in on the book club aspect, this is a great list to find your next read (or many reads) and to be in the know of what books people are talking about!

Plus, this month, I added a banned book club from NYPL that offers access to the selection throughout the US.

So, what else do the book clubs have for you this month? There’s a love story that’s deconstructed; contemporary fiction with humor and hope; a heartwarming Japanese novel; a debut novel that delves into the search for life’s meaning through art; a love-cursed family drama; and a university-set novel. But that’s not all! There’s a classic; a part memoir, part manifesto nonfic; dual timeline suspense; an archeologist and architect romance; a short story collection following Arab American residents in Dearborn, Michigan; a coming-of-age novel in the ’90s; and a thriller by Marie Claire’s digital director.

TODAY Book Club, #ReadWithJenna

cover image for Good Material

Good Material by Dolly Alderton

About the book club: Jenna Bush Hager — current co-host of Today with Hoda & Jenna — independently chooses a book each month that she personally loves. (“Jenna was not paid to mention these items and is unaffiliated with the authors and publishers“)

What Jenna said about the book: “’I love this book so much,’ Jenna says. ‘I’m obsessed with it because it’s a deconstructed love story.’ What does that mean, exactly? Jenna responds: ‘Well, I’ve never read anything quite like it — it’s the unwinding of a love story. And yet, there’s so much love in it.’”

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cover image for Interesting Facts about Space

Interesting Facts about Space by Emily R. Austin

About the book club: Born from TikTok, Sapph-Lit is a safe space book club for sapphic women and nonbinary readers to come together and chat books, life, and offer support. One book a month is selected, alternating each month between fiction and nonfiction.

What Sapph-Lit said about the book: “A fast-paced, hilarious, and ultimately hopeful novel for anyone who has ever worried they might be a terrible person.”

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Subtle Asian Book Club

cover of What You Are Looking For Is in the Library by Michiko Aoyama

What You Are Looking For Is In the Library by Michiko Aoyama

About the book club: Tiffany and Alexandra, longtime friends, created the Subtle Asian Book Club in 2020 with the goal of uplifting Asian voices and storytellers. You can read along with the monthly book chosen, join on social media, and watch videos of their live author interviews.

About the book: If you’re a fan of fabulism, the power of books, and Japanese novels, this is your book club this month!

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The Audacious Book Club in 2024

cover of Martyr! Kaveh Akbar

Martyr! by Kaveh Akbar

About the book club: Author Roxane Gay (Bad Feminist, Ayiti, The Banks) selects a monthly book with the goal of “authentic and necessary perspectives from writers who fearlessly share their stories.”

What Roxane said about the book: “Our February book club selection is Martyr! by Kaveh Akbar. We will be in conversation with Kaveh on February 27th at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. Registration is now open. I hope you can join us!”

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Teen Banned Book Club at NYPL

All American Boys Cover

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

About the book club: the NYPL is selecting young adult books that have been challenged or banned from schools and offering them free, nationwide, via digital access along with hosting the authors for a book club event.

What The New York Public Library’s Teen Banned Book Club said about the book: “Our latest Banned Book Club pick is All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. Readers anywhere in the U.S. can borrow the book for free from the “Books for All” library on SimplyE, NYPL’s e-reader app. All American Boys is available to all readers ages 13 and above through February 29, 2024.”

Banned Book Club Event with Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely: Wed, Feb 21 | 3 PM ET | Online

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Mocha Girls Read

Cover of Black Candle Women

Black Candle Women by Diane Marie Brown

About the book club: Mocha Girls Read is a monthly book club of Black women who love to read and currently have chapters in 14 cities across the U.S. Starting in 2024, you can join “an IG Live every first Saturday of the month at 5 pm PT. Alysia, our founder, will chat about our current book club selection.”

About the book: If you’re a fan of fabulism, love curses, and family dramas, this is your book club this month!

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Reese’s Book Club

cover image for Redwood Court

Redwood Court by DéLana R. A. Dameron

About the book club: Every month, Reese Witherspoon picks a book for Reese’s Book Club that centers on a woman in its story.

What Reese said about the book: “Our February @reesesbookclub pick is #RedwoodCourt by @delana.r.a.dameron! 📖📚 This book is filled with a sense of nostalgia as Mika takes us down memory lane, sharing stories of her Southern Black family through a collection of vivid vignettes. Read and discuss with us all month at #reesesbookclub as we explore community, love, and what it means to be seen in this exquisite debut.”

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Good Morning America‘s GMA Book Club

cover of Come and Get It by Kiley Reid; bright green with an illustration of a pig

Come and Get It by Kiley Reid

About the book club: Read along with Good Morning America Book Club, which aims to “showcase book picks from a wide range of compelling authors.”

What GMA said about the book: “A fierce and honest story, Come and Get It promises expertly paced plot hurtling toward its comically horrifying climax. The highly anticipated sophomore outing by Reid provides readers with a searing indictment of materialism and life under capitalism while painting an intimate portrait of desire, consumption and reckless abandon.”

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Eclectix The Book Club

Native Son cover

Native Son by Richard Wright

About the book club: Dawnshaeé Reid is a “self-proclaimed eclectic (if we don’t identify ourselves, society has a bad habit of doing it for us)” blogger who created this book club with Black authors as a priority and an aim at a wide range of genres. There’s an in-person, once-a-month meeting option if you’re in Louisville, KY, and a virtual option that meets the last Tuesday of every month.

What Eclectix The Book Club said about the book: “📙 February 2024 Pick: Native Son by Richard Wright — genre: classic “an unsparing portrait of the Black experience in America, revealing the tragic effect of poverty, racism, and hopelessness on the human spirit.”

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The Stacks Book Club

cover image for Viral Justice

Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want by Ruha Benjamin

About the book cub: Hosted by Traci Thomas, The Stacks is a podcast that chats all about books, and there’s a monthly book club! The book chosen for the month is discussed on the podcast the last week of the month with a selected special guest.

What The Stacks Book Club said about the book: “And now it is time for our February book club pick announcement. The book is Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want. It is part memoir. It is part manifesto and it is written by the absolutely brilliant Ruha Benjamin. The book is all about taking the small daily actions that lead to big structural change. You’ll have to listen on February 7th to find out who our guest will be on February 28th [f]or our discussion of Viral Justice.”

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Matzah Book Soup: A Jewish Own Voices Book Club for All

cover image for Since She's Been Gone by Sagit Schwartz

Since She’s Been Gone by Sagit Schwartz

About the book club: Lillianne Leight and Amanda Spivack created this book club with a focus on Jewish books and characters “with varying relationships to Judaism” that welcomed all readers — Jewish and non.

What Matzah Book Soup said about the book: “This month we are so excited to be reading SINCE SHE’S BEEN GONE by @sagitschwartz! We’re so excited to be switching up the genre and reading a thriller – we hope you’re as excited as we are! The book comes out on February 6th, so you still have time to pre-order and support this debut Jewish author!

This book is a fast-paced, dual-timeline suspense story that follows one woman’s journey to uncover the truth about her mother’s death while also grappling with her own mental health. AND it has Jewish rep!

This book does contain some triggers, so check out our stories to see CWs — make sure to take care of yourself when reading about sensitive topics!”

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Amor en Páginas: The Latinx Romance Buddy Read

cover image for Lizards Hold the Sun

Lizards Hold the Sun by Dani Trujillo

About the book club: A monthly book club run by two Latinas with the goal of amplifying romance novels written by Latinx authors.

About the book: If you’re a fan of workplace romance, museums, archeologists and architects, this is your book club this month!

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Amerie’s Book Club

cover image for Dearborn

Dearborn by Ghassan Zeineddine

About the book club:A modern book club for the modern reader” that invites casual readers to bibliophiles to join in on social media to talk about exciting books.

What Amerie said about the book: “Loves and losses, triumphs and regrets—Ghassan Zeineddine explores these and more in his short story collection about the inner lives of the Arab American residents of Dearborn, Michigan, AKA the Arab American Capitol of the United States. At times tender, sad, wistful, and hilarious, there always exists a sense of endearment throughout the collection, whether from myself or between the characters themselves. There is struggle and tension, yes, but there is perpetual love as Dearborn’s Arab American citizens navigate family, marriage, sexuality, and nostalgia—not to mention ICE and the IRS. Zeineddine’s deft characterization and sense of place left me feeling as if at any moment I could put the book down, jump on a plane, and meet in real life my new Dearbornean friends.”

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#ReadWithMC: Marie Claire’s Virtual Monthly Book Club

cover image for Everyone Who Can Forgive Me Is Dead

Everyone Who Can Forgive Me Is Dead by Jenny Hollander

About the book club: Marie Claire editors created an online monthly book club for people with busy schedules to still be able to read. “Consider it socializing without actually socializing because, really, we all just want to take off our bra and lay down after a long day,” they explain. You can also share reviews online with the chance to have them featured on the site.

What MC said about the book:In February, we’re reading Jenny Hollander’s Everyone Who Can Forgive Me Is Dead, a sharp, witty, nail-biting thriller that will firmly plant you on the edge of your seat—and keep you there. The book follows Charlie Colbert, editor-in-chief at C magazine, who’s rebuilt her life following nightmarish events at her elite graduate school on Christmas Eve nine years prior—events known to the public as “Scarlet Christmas.” The press and the police called Charlie a “witness,” but Charlie knows she’s so much more than that. In the midst of her well-crafted life, a buzzy film made by one of Charlie’s former classmates threatens to shatter everything she’s worked for—and Charlie is determined not to let anything, even the people she once loved most, get in her way. It’s the debut novel by Hollander, who we are so proud to call one of our own. She’s the digital director at Marie Claire, but we would have picked this page-turner even if she wasn’t—it’s hard to imagine a novel gripping us more than this one does. Read an excerpt from chapter two of the book below, then find out how to participate. (You really don’t have to leave your couch!)

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