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Why Should Children Read Dark Books?

Reading dark and scary books can help children develop the coping skills they'll need when scary situations arise in their lives.

Should Horror Protagonists Be Genre Savvy?

Genre-savvy protagonists in horror fiction wield their knowledge of tropes like a weapon. Is that a good or a bad thing?

Why Do So Many Kids Read V.C. Andrews?

V.C. Andrews' controversial 40-year-old books can still hold young readers in their thrall. Let's have a look at why her work endures.

The Bloody Joy of Horror Literary Magazines

From classics to new and inventive publications, delight in the discovery of dark fiction with these horror literary magazines.

Chilly and Killy: 10 Great Wintery Thrillers to Delight and Frighten You

Grab some hot cocoa and blankets, and get ready to get cozy with these 10 great winter thrillers to delight and frighten you!

9 Dark Novels in Verse

Verse novels combine a compelling story with stark and intricately spun poetry. There’s one for you in this list of dark novels in verse.

Bookish Goods for Goths

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle—the goth edition!—from stickers and tees to candles and prints.

10 Books You Should Read If You Enjoyed The Goosebumps Series As A Kid

If you loved the fun and feel of R.L. Stine's books as a kid, you'll love these books like Goosebumps for adults.

Welcome to Dark Reads Day!

Halloween may be in the rearview, but we're still lurking in the dark corners of the book world. Join us for Dark Reads Day!

“The Girl With The Green Ribbon”: A Tale of Many Lives

"The Girl With The Green Ribbon" gave you nightmares in elementary school, and it's a story with a long history and promising future.