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A.O.U.S.s: Animals of Unusual Size in YA Fantasy

Maybe you know about the legendary R.O.U.S.s, but what about all of the other giant animals of fantasy fiction? Check out these Animals of Unusual Size.

Beware of These 7 Monster Girls in YA Fantasy

Dangerous. Strong. Feared. These monster girls in YA fantasy will make you run the other way, but you won't be able to help love them as well.

More of the Heroes We Want to See in YA Fantasy

A reader recommends some of the best YA fantasy novels featuring protagonists from less represented cultures and backgrounds.

8 Asian-Inspired YA Fantasy Books to Enjoy and Anticipate

Looking for some Asian-inspired YA fantasy novels to read? Here's a list of recently published titles to check out--along with a couple forthcoming ones!

Redwall, Determinism, and Making Peace with Flawed Favorites

One reader returns to a favorite young adult series and analyzes the determinism in REDWALL that pervades the whole series.

We’re Celebrating YA Fantasy Week!

We're celebrating YA Fantasy Week with new content all about magical fictional worlds going up each day of the week!

9 Vampire Novels With a Unique Twist

If you're tired of the same ol' vampire stories, check out this list of some unique vampire novels that put a fresh spin on a familiar trope.

The Evolution of Vampires

How did vampires get from evil folkloric cautionary tales to attractive super-humans with complex personalities and societies?

7 Wonderfully Diverse Vampire Novels

Vampires are over? Not today. Check out these excellent and diverse vampire novels that you can sink your teeth into right away.

4 Takes on Non-Western Vampires

Want to read stories featuring vampires beyond Dracula and his ilk? Check out these works of fiction that contain portrayals of non-Western vampires.