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Build a Perfect Bookstore and We’ll Recommend a Book for You

Readers dream about owning their own bookstore. So let's indulge in the fantasy: design a bookstore and get a matching…

1 week ago

Can You Guess These Famous Books From Their AI-Generated Covers?

Your job is to try to guess which book was the prompt that generated each of these AI images. Warning:…

1 week ago

QUIZ: Guess the Graphic Novel Based on the First Lines

How well can you remember graphic novels from their words, not their art? See if you can match these famous…

2 weeks ago

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Covers, Expert Edition

How good at identifying book covers are you? Put your skills to the test.

3 weeks ago

Quiz: Which Book On the National Book Award Longlist Should You Read?

You could read all the books on the National Book Award longlist, or you could take this quiz and get…

1 month ago

Can You Guess Which Word is Missing From Each Manga Title?

Manga titles can get a little weird. Can you guess the word missing from these... unconventionally named manga and light…

1 month ago

Quiz: What Literary Family Would You Be a Part of?

Would you be a Buendía or a Bridgerton? Take this quiz to find out which literary family is the perfect…

1 month ago

Quiz: Obscure Batman or Flash Villains?

The Rainbow Raider, Condiment King, and more: can you identify whether these villains are Batman or The Flash's foes?

1 month ago

Take This FRIENDS Quiz and Get a Book Recommendation

Tell me all of your Friends opinions, and get a book recommendation that's perfect for you — even if it…

1 month ago

Quiz: Which Horror Novel Should You Read this Halloween?

Which new horror novel should you read this Halloween? Take this Halloween-themed quiz to find out!

1 month ago