#Pop Culture

PostSecret for Fictional Characters

Can you guess which fictional characters wrote each of these PostSecret confessions?

Best Book-Focused TV Episodes

There’s a misconception that you cannot enjoy both TV and books, but that is big wrong. Here are some of the best combinations of TV + Lit.

An Introduction to Romance BookTok

If you're new to Romance BookTok or even TikTok in general and want to start following some amazing Booktokers, start here.

The Bookish Life of Vincent Price

Get to know the literary life of Vincent Price, from acting to art collecting to cooking and more.

The Nice One: The Bookish Life of Betty White

Did you know that before Betty White was an actress, she was a writer? Find out more about the bookish life of this beloved pop culture icon!

The Changing Impact of Books and Timeless Truths: Thoughts While Reading STATION ELEVEN

A reader finally gets around to reading Station Eleven and ponders the changing impact of books over time.

Emily Dickinson in Pop Culture

From kids' shows to hard rock bands, Emily Dickinson has influenced many different facets of pop culture. And it's just getting started.

The Bookish Life of Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O'Hara. You adore her. My best friend adores her. My mother adores her, my children adore her. The bookish life adores her.

10 Showstopper Books for K-Drama Fans

Read your way into outstanding books for K-Drama fans, whether you're here for love, family sagas, the food, or aa little of each, including Love In The Big City.

Sylvia Plath’s Role in Modern Pop Culture

Enjoy these bits of Sylvia Plath in pop culture, from movies and songs to inspired books and strange TV references.