The Creators of LETHAL LIT on Your Next Bookish Podcast Obsession

The world is gifting us a modern reimagining of Nancy Drew by way of a bookish new podcast. And with…

4 years ago

Recommended Season 2 Giveaway

We're giving away 16 of the books written and selected by some of the authors from Recommended Season 2!

5 years ago

Introducing Hey YA: Our New Podcast About All Things YA Lit

Get excited! We've launched a brand new podcast all about the exciting world of YA lit.

6 years ago

An Adaptation of THE HANDMAID’S TALE You Didn’t Know You Needed

Check out the audio adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale from the Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape podcast.

6 years ago

Oh, Comics! Podcast #93: Love What You Love

On this, the final episode of Oh, Comics!, Paul and Preeti answer your community questions and bid farewell after nearly…

7 years ago

Oh, Comics! Podcast #91: Return to Riverdale

Preeti introduces Paul to the existential masterpiece that is 1990's Archie TV movie, Return to Riverdale.

7 years ago

Oh, Comics! Podcast #90: Suicide Squad

Is David Ayers' take on the motley crew as painless as it sounds?

7 years ago

Oh, Comics! Podcast #89: Superman’s Butt and RJ Ryan

Tons of film and television news and Preeti and Paul discuss trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League, as well…

7 years ago

Oh, Comics! Podcast #88: SDCC 2016 and Vito Delsante

It's time once again to revel in all the fun and pageantry of San Diego Comic Con and the Eisner…

7 years ago

3 Fiction Podcasts to Satisfy Your Love of Stories

Sink into some excellent fictional podcasts with these 3 recommendations.

7 years ago