Books for Bibliophiles

This week Alice and Kim talk books for book lovers, Anna the fake heiress, and one of the most astounding…

3 years ago

6 Books Inspired By Your Favorite Podcasts

Give your ears a break from marathon listening, and pick up one of these books inspired by some of your…

4 years ago

Why Would a Prison Ban a Map of Westeros?

If you are a Game of Thrones fan in jail, you might not be able to get a copy of…

4 years ago

7 Fiction Podcasts for Superhero Fans

Fighting baddies, saving the world, flexing those superpowers--here are seven diverse and inclusive superpowered podcasts for superhero fans.

4 years ago

Death and Taxes!

This week Alice and Kim talk about the guy who got Capone, a chef who got his start selling candy…

4 years ago

VS Podcast: The Books That Make Season Two

Season three of VS is out, and here are the edited works of the authors invited to the second season…

4 years ago

372 Pages of Jealous Haters: A Reading Bad Books Podcast

A couple of years ago, Zachary Littrell wrote a post about Celebrating Really Bad Books, putting forward the case for…

4 years ago

5 Reasons To Start a Podcast in Your High School Library

If you had told me this time last year that I'd be really into podcasting in the high school Library…

4 years ago

VS Podcast: The Books That Make Season One

I’ve presented VS here before; it’s a wonderful poetry podcast that gives voice to minority poets and shows how poetry…

4 years ago

Bookish Hacks, Try This At Home Tips, and More from HAPPIER With Gretchen Rubin

Benefit from this round-up of the best of bookish hacks and habits, courtesy of the first 200 episodes of the…

4 years ago