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How To Create A School Library Podcast

Curious about creating a school library podcast? An experienced librarian-podcaster offers some tips and tricks.

6 months ago

New Bookish Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Want some new bookish podcasts in your feed? We've got some new ones hot off the press for 2022 to…

1 year ago

Introducing Our New Podcast Series: Adaptation Nation

Meet the Adaptation Nation podcast, where we'll read, watch, and discuss notable new releases, classics, and beloved favorites.

1 year ago

The Books the Hey YA Podcast Hosts Are Most Obsessed With

Since September 2017, the Hey YA podcast has recommended and chatted about more than 1300 unique titles. Here are the…

2 years ago

Get Haunted By The Best Horror Fiction Podcasts

From fictional horror stories to recommendations for your next horror read, it's always a good time to listen to these…

3 years ago

33 of the Best Book Podcasts for All Genres

The best book podcasts sound like lively book club conversations, the kinds you've had with friends in your own book…

3 years ago

More Books to Get Booked With

Meet Get Booked: The Handsell, a new regular bonus episode so that Amanda and Jenn can recommend even more books…

3 years ago

The Get Booked Podcast’s All-Time Most Recommended Books

This year, not only do we have the Get Booked most recommended books of 2019, but we've got our all-time…

3 years ago

Cozy Nonfiction Part II

This week Alice and Kim talk about the National Book Award longlist, cozy books, and the best pig there ever…

3 years ago

Suck My Galoshes

Amanda and Vanessa discuss Italian comics, paranormal smut, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked. This episode is…

4 years ago