#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

The Joy of Seeing Yourself in Literature

Most of the time I don’t see myself in the books I read, but one cozy mystery title made me feel seen long after I turned the last page.

Up All Night: A Dramatic Child Gets Her First Library Card

Getting your first library card is a very big deal, okay? If you have to stay up all night to practice your signature, so be it.

Me and Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin was more than a talking bear-that's-not-a-bear. He was my trusted reading companion and I think about him still.

Pulling Back the Curtain: Reading the Journals of Someone You Admire

"One thing I can never do is thank him." Why Alan Rickman's journals mean the world to one reader and writer.

Shielded By Books: Reading is My Coping Mechanism at Family Gatherings

Reading is a great coping mechanism, even at the most stressful of occasions: The Family Gathering. Prepared to shield yourself with books!

How Getting Lost Taught Me a Better Way to Read

I like to read each book straight through. But when reading A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit, that just wasn't an option.

On Bonding With Damaged Books

Like many I once kept my books pristine, but lately I've developed a fondness for the books I've treated with a little less care.

True Life: I Was a Dragon Book Kid

Finding my feet as a dragon book kid felt monumental and defining to me at the time, and it still does.

How and Why I Schedule My Reading

My reading life was out of control, and I couldn't meet my TBR goals. So, I tried scheduling all my reading time for the next two months.

A YA Lover’s Journey Into Adult Literature

Here's how a chaotic reader with an out of control TBR went from mostly reading YA to adult lit. Hint: romance is involved.