Who Can Be Redeemed?

The U.S. favors stories with a redemtion arc, but who can be redeemed? Is just anyone allowed to redeem themselves,…

2 weeks ago

How About We Just Read And Let Read?

Spending any time online would lead you to believe there there's a right and wrong way to be a reader.…

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Cozy is Key: Why Escapist Reads are More Popular Than Ever

The past three years have been stressful: is it any wonder we're reaching for cozy mysteries, cozy fantasies, and light…

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Why Roald Dahl Does Not Deserve Second Chance

Roald Dahl was a hateful person who included that vitriol in his books. His work doesn't deserve to be sanitized.

2 months ago

We Need Better Terms to Describe Romance Novels

One romance reader explores why romance novel descriptions like sweet, clean, hot, and spicy are confusing and, sometimes, offensive.

2 months ago

DAISY JONES & THE SIX is Rip-Off, But Don’t We Like It That Way?

Television critics have taken issue with the fact that the DAISY JONES & THE SIX series’ premise is a rip-off…

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Why Annie Wilkes Is The Most Terrifying King Villain

Why Annie Wilkes is Stephen King's most terrifying villain–and why she retains that title this many years later.

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Who Gets To Be the Final Girl In Horror Novels and Movies?

The horror genre has been a mirror reflecting back society's values, but how does the Final Girl trope fit into…

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Hey, Reese: About that Book Club Selection…

Hey Reese, can we talk? It's about your most recent book club selection. In the fight against antisemitism, I think…

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In Defense of Pop Culture References In Books

In fact, I don't just not mind when books include pop culture references. I often enjoy them. So why do…

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