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Your Reading Life Needs More Manga In It

If you've avoided picking up manga out of genre/format snobbery, you're missing out. Manga has reminded me of just how…

1 month ago

10 of the Best Witch Manga to Read This Witchy Season (or Anytime!)

The best witch manga include something for everyone, whether you want gentle and cozy, dark and action-packed, or something in…

1 month ago

Best Action Manhwa

The best action manwha have vampires, martial arts masters, and more. Read on to find out which ones you should…

2 months ago

Choose Your Next Read: Pairing Popular Books with Manga

Do you want to star reading manga, but don't know where to start? In this list, I paired up popular…

2 months ago

Why Is Boys Love Manga So Popular Among Women?

Boys' Love is a subgenera of manga that is particularly popular among women, but why is that? One writer explores.

3 months ago

Investigating My Teenage Obsession with the Fruits Basket Manga

When I was in middle school, Fruits Basket had a grip on me that still affects me to this day.…

3 months ago

12 of the Best Shōjo Manga

Find the best shōjo manga available to English-language readers today that reflects part of the wide range of stories in…

3 months ago

10+ Cat Manga Purrfect for Feline Fanatics

We all know that cats rule the internet. Turns out they rule the world of manga, too! Here are some…

4 months ago

Back to School? You Need to Read These High School Romance Manga

In these high school romance manga, finding love is the key. But trying to also stay in school while you…

4 months ago

15 of the Best Coming-of-Age Manga

The best coming of age manga capture this time in our lives in all its beauty and emotion and drama…

5 months ago