#Literary Activism

My Book, Plus 300+ Others, Is Banned in Missouri: Book Censorship News, November 18, 2022

Missouri's bill has led to hundreds of books being pulled and not returned to shelves. That, plus this week's book censorship news.

No, Books Should Not Have Content Ratings Like Movies

In recent years, certain groups have demanded a more robust rating system for books, but there are many reasons this would be inequitable.

The Biased Online Book Ratings Systems Undermining Professional Review Sources: Book Censorship News, November 4, 2022

BookLooks, RatedBooks, and more biased online rating systems getting books banned. That, plus this week's book censorship news.

School Librarian Continues Defamation Law Suit; Champions First Amendment Rights of All

Librarian Amanda Jones, who lost her defamation lawsuit in September, is continuing the fight.

Book Banners are Weaponizing Legitimate Resources: Book Censorship News, October 28, 2022

Book banners are using resources meant to fight racism and promote inclusion for the exact opposite purpose.

How to Increase Your Information Literacy

Information literacy is one of the most essential tools to navigating modern society. Here are some ways to build yours.

Republicans Propose Federal “Don’t Say Gay” Bill: Book Censorship News, October 21, 2022

The "Stop Sexualizing Children" Act, proposed at the federal level, would be a national "Don't Say Gay" bill.

What’s a Book Sanctuary?: Book Censorship News, October 14, 2022

This week's book censorship news, plus a look at US public libraries declaring themselves upholders of the First Amendment Rights of all.

Book Riot Will Match Your Donation to Taller Salud for Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

From October 12-18, Book Riot will match donations to Taller Salud for hurricane relief to Puerto Rico up to $2500. Join us in donating!

Book Banners Insist They Don’t Ban Books: Book Censorship News, October 7, 2022

When asked to define the difference between book removal and book banning, censors simply can't do it.