Dating App Profiles of Your Favorite Characters

Welcome, user! Within our hallowed algorithm, you will find the dating app profiles of some names you might recognize.

1 month ago

If You Liked This Book, You Definitely Shouldn’t Read…

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The Difference Between Sci-Fi and Fantasy, According to Twitter

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An Ode of Gratitude to All the Books I Don’t Want to Read

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The Worst Character Names in the History of Literature

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The Best Types of Books to Have on Your Online Dating Profile

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4 months ago

Literary Fiction? … Needs More Dragons

What if literary fiction had a few more dragons?

4 months ago

How To Fake That You Read the Book Club Book

Follow my lead and no one will find out that you didn't read the book club book. Step one: praise…

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Literary Podcasts That Haven’t Been Made Yet

It's easy and fun to make literary podcasts and the market is not oversaturated at all!! Here are a few…

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We Need an American Girl Doll Who… (Bookish Edition)

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