Beyond Book Trends: What the Book World Really Needs

Book "trends" are not what the world needs; we present here an extremely comprehensive overview of what the book world…

1 month ago

10 of the Weirdest Moments From Prince Harry’s Memoir

These ten moments from SPARE are among the weirdest in this bestselling and highly anticipated memoir from Prince Harry.

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How to Survive a Dark Academia Novel

Brush up on those dead languages and grab your first aid kit: you're in a dark academia novel and you…

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The Worst Book Titles of All Time

Let's talk about great book titles. But in order to find out what makes a good book title, let's first…

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8 Books to Buy to Help You Buy Fewer Books

Here is my totally foolproof plan to buy some books to help me buy fewer books. This has to work,…

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A Very Serious 2023 Bookish Trend Forecast

Welcome to my 2023 bookish trend forecast! Silence your cell phones and start taking notes. Handwritten notes are back.

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Dating App Profiles of Your Favorite Characters

Welcome, user! Within our hallowed algorithm, you will find the dating app profiles of some names you might recognize.

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If You Liked This Book, You Definitely Shouldn’t Read…

Consider these your anti-recommendations. If you liked that one book, you likely won't want to read these...maybe.

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The Difference Between Sci-Fi and Fantasy, According to Twitter

When an author tweeted a mystifying explanation of the difference between sci-fi and fantasy, book Twitter chimed in with their…

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An Ode of Gratitude to All the Books I Don’t Want to Read

Every book I hear about and don't have to add to to overwhelming, overflowing TBR is a gift. Thank you…

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