Historical Fiction

14 Great Japanese Historical Fiction Books

Read your way into the best Japanese historical fiction, ranging from novels to manga and historical fiction about Japanese Americans.

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8 Exhilarating Novels About Real People

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The Best Historical Fiction Books You’ve Never Heard Of

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12 Essential YA Historical Comics and Graphic Novels

Graphic novels like Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang can bring history to life before your eyes, making it…

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8 Books That Fictionalize Real Historical Figures

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Best History Books for the Biggest Historical Eras

16 books spanning 6 historical eras covering 2.5 million years. Read these historical nonfiction books for the best slices of…

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10 Queer Historical YA Novels That Reclaim LGBTQ History

Reading queer historical fiction, including Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo, is so vital because for so…

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The Best Queer Historical Romances

Set your sights on the past with some of the best queer historical romances, from surprising Colonial American pairings to…

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8 New Historical Fiction Reads Set During and After WWII

These recent reads set during and after World War II feature characters falling in love, coming of age, and finding…

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15 Must-Read Historical Fiction Books for Teens

Good historical fiction books for teens, including A Sitting in St. James, are able to put readers in the shoes…

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