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9 Nonfiction Books To Make You Rethink the World Around You

These thought-provoking nonfiction books will have you seeing the world around you and how you move through it completely differently.

2 days ago

The Room(s) Where It Happened: The Best Political Memoirs

From the biggest names to names you don't know (yet), the best political memoirs inspire, educate, and drive us towards…

1 week ago

8 Amazing New Nonfiction Books to Read in September 2023

You *can* handle the truth with these eight incredible nonfiction reads to kick your fall reading season off right, including…

2 weeks ago

8 Upcoming Nonfiction Books to Get You Excited About Fall

From long-awaited new books from beloved authors to celebrity memoirs like Making It So by Patrick Stewart  and more, here…

3 weeks ago

What We (Don’t) Talk About When We Talk About Adult Graphic Nonfiction Books

Is there a difference between illustrated adult nonfiction and comics? What terminology does—or does not—imply about books.

4 weeks ago

8 Nonfiction Books About Feelings and Emotions To Help You Process

We need books about emotions because emotions are confusing, even for fully grown adults. These books can help you process…

1 month ago

Travel Memoirs That Aren’t by the Usual White Dudes

For awhile, it seemed like travel was only written about by a select few, but here are new voices that…

1 month ago

8 New Nonfiction Books Being Released in August

August's new nonfiction books include a memoir exploring the model minority myth, a historical look at Middle Eastern horsewomen, and…

2 months ago

8 Books About Whistleblowers You Need To Read

These books about whistleblowers include some well-known names, like Readme.txt by Chelsea Manning, and some who are not as famous…

2 months ago

9 of the Best Gentle Self-Help Books

Self-hatred doesn't have to be a catalyst for change. As these gentle self-help books show, self-respect can lead to healthier…

2 months ago