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Super-Influencers: 14 of the Most Influential Superhero Comics

Superheroes are more influential than ever before, but who influences the superheroes? Here are 14 of the most influential superhero…

12 hours ago

15 Short Graphic Novels For When You Lack The Time To Read

Whether you're looking for a quick read, to dip your toes into comics, or simply love smaller books, check out…

5 days ago

QUIZ: Guess the Graphic Novel Based on the First Lines

How well can you remember graphic novels from their words, not their art? See if you can match these famous…

6 days ago

Cozy Graphic Novels To Snuggle Up With

These 10 cozy graphic novels are full of dreamy illustrations, sweet friendships, found families, and silly shenanigans, like Goldie Vance…

1 week ago

9 Iyashikei Manga to Heal Weary Hearts

Are you in need of gentle, cozy content to comfort your soul? There’s a specific sub-genre of manga that fits…

1 week ago

Test Your Comics Knowledge: Real Captain or Fake Captain?

There are a lot of "captains" in comics, but did any of these comic book captains actually earn the rank?…

1 week ago

She Did It Better: 7 Superheroes Who Were Better Than Their Male Counterparts

Jane Foster is the best Thor, and if you’re thinking about Wolverine-Logan vs Wolverine-Laura, forget it. Honey Badger is the…

2 weeks ago

To Absent Friends: Mason Trollbridge

Even superheroes need friends! Mason Trollbridge was one who disappeared from the Flash comics, but should he be brought back?

2 weeks ago

Kevin Conroy, Iconic Voice of Batman, Has Died

Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series and numerous other projects, passed away…

2 weeks ago

10 Grimdark Comics for Gloomy Nights

Prose can do grimdark, but an inker blackening a page really immerses me in the darkness. Here are 10 of…

3 weeks ago