What Adaptations Get Wrong About Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

If you went by most adaptations of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you'd think it was a werewolf story, but…

2 days ago

CATHERINE, CALLED BIRDY, Sexism, Ableism, and Me: What I Learned from Karen Cushman’s Novels

Historical fiction for young readers like CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY help readers discover the history of sexism, ableism, and more.

5 days ago

You’ve Missed the Plot: Book Price Increases Contribute to Ongoing Censorship

If you thought "teens can get those $15.99 YA paperbacks from the library," you've missed the fact that book bans…

6 days ago

Is True Crime Exploitative?

True crime has surged in popularity, and can be informative as well as entertaining, but is it exploitative?

7 days ago

What is Burns Night, and How is it Celebrated?

Burns Night is a literary celebration that lends itself to many cultures, but what is it and how did it…

7 days ago

How Easy Is It to Pirate Books?

Ebook piracy has long been a problem of publishing. How easy it is to pirate ebooks these days? And how…

1 week ago

When Did YA Paperback Books Become $15.99?

Harper Collins hiked the price of their YA paperback books upwards of 25% this year. Is this happening in other…

1 week ago

What’s Up With Special Edition Hardcovers?

We’re seeing more and more special edition hardcovers of recently released books. Why is that? Let’s take a look.

1 week ago

Three Times Jack Kirby Was King of DC and Marvel

After years of turmoil at Marvel, Jack Kirby jumped ship to DC Comics. There, he replicated his favorite characters to…

2 weeks ago

The Bookish Life of Shonda Rhimes

Whether you know it or not, you've likely interacted with the creative work of Shonda Rhimes. Here's a look at…

2 weeks ago