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10 of the Best Manga Reader Sites and Apps to Feed Your Need

Are you Interested in reading manga digitally? Here's a list of the best manga reader sites and apps to help…

2 years ago

Summer 2020 YA Comics and Graphic Novel Releases

Pack your summer TBR with these new summer 2020 YA graphic novels and comics releases!

3 years ago

Lantern Lessons: What We’ve Learned From the Corps

We've been celebrating Green Lantern's 80th anniversary with a host of content. Here's what we learned from the exploratory process.

3 years ago

My Favorite Lady Lanterns: Jessica, Jo, and Kim

Many Lady Lanterns have come and gone over the years and, in celebrating Green Lantern's 80th anniversary, we dedicate some…

3 years ago

From Upset to Zealous: Comics Representing Emotions for Comics A-Z

Continuing Comics A-Z, these comics represent a range of emotions, from upset to zeal.

3 years ago

Why NIMONA Is Important to Me

Charlotte discusses why NIMONA by Noelle Stevenson is important to her.

3 years ago

50 Best Manga You Must Read Right Now

New to reading manga and don't know where to start? Want to find a new series to dive into? Here's…

3 years ago

21 Books About the Women of LUMBERJANES

Who are the women behind the names? Collected here are books by or about the women named in the first…

3 years ago

8 Underrated Romance Manga: Fame, Demons, and High School

Currently on exams/final papers week in school, I really don't have time to read a complete novel or just to…

3 years ago

20 Superhero Books For Kids of All Ages

Superhero books for kids of all ages including stories about heroes from juggernauts DC and Marvel and original superhero inspired…

3 years ago