JACK OF HEARTS (AND OTHER PARTS) Under Fire by Christian Right Group in Irving, Texas

A Christian Right group has challenged JACK OF HEARTS (AND OTHER PARTS) by L.C. Rosen in a series of complaints against LGBTQ content in the Irving Public Library.

New LGBTQ Laws in Hungary Land Bookshop With Fines

Anti-LGBTQ legislation in Hungary means hefty fines for bookshops selling books "different from traditional content."

“Forget The Alamo”: Texas Governor Cancels Book Event Examining History

GOP politicians in Texas cancel book event meant to highlight the role of slavery in the history of The Alamo.

QUIZ: Is It Censorship?

Censorship can be obvious, but some scenarios are up for debate. Take this quiz to see how well you know what counts as censorship!

What’s The “Other Side?”: A Clash Over Voting Rights History in Louisiana Library

Lafayette Parish Library board declines grant money for voting rights program, citing the books present only "one side" of that history.

Louisiana Library Pulls LGBTQ Books From Children’s Section

A Louisiana library pulls LGBTQ children's books off shelves after parental complaints, despite its own collection policies.

Allegheny County Jail Deeply Restricts Access to Literature for Incarcerated Individuals

Allegheny County Prison discontinues access to books for incarcerated individuals, choosing profit over rehabilitation.

Burbank, CA School District Faces Unique Anti-Racism Book Ban Situation

A complicated book challenge arises in Burbank, California, putting antiracism and teaching methodology under the spotlight.

Parents Sue North Carolina Charter School Over THE POET X

Parents call The Poet X "a frontal assault on Christian beliefs and values." The school won't censor the title.

BEYOND MAGENTA: When Gatekeeping Becomes Censorship

A reader considers how books from the margins are recategorized and how moral gatekeeping restricts access to those stories.