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Bookish Valentine’s Day Sweatshirts to Celebrate Your One True Love

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Valentine’s Day, as in literally those two words put together, likely triggered some kind of reaction. You either love this day or you hate it, find value in expressing love for the people in your life, or buy into the concept that it is nothing more than a Hallmark Holiday (it’s not—it’s centuries old and has kind of a bloody history to boot!). Whatever your feelings are, they’re valid, of course. But if you’re feeling like you can’t lean into the spirit because you don’t have a significant other in your life, I’m here to remind you that you do: books.

Find below a fun roundup of bookish Valentine’s Day sweatshirts perfect for the season. Though these might have a Valentine’s theme or vibe to them, what makes this particular holiday a fun one is how versatile the icons of it are. You can wear hearts and bows with arrows or pink and re(a)d anytime.

Wear these fun Valentine’s Day sweatshirts to go out to pick up your latest bookstore or library finds, to a coffee shop for a reading date, or to get cozy in your own home with a new audiobook and puzzle.

Image of a red sweatshirt with the words "books are my valentine" in pink.

If your OPT is you and books, then this sweatshirt is for you. $37+, available in several colors up to size 3XL.

blue sweatshirt with red ink that says "love fades, books don't." It features a pop art style woman's head and face.

Go vintage and yet be timeless with this “love fades, books don’t” sweatshirt. $40+, in several color options and up to size 5XL.

Image of a white sweatshirt with a pink and red sweetheart. Inside pink is the word "books" and inside red is the word "library."

What better sweethearts do you need than books and the library? $37, available in three colors and up to size 3XL.

image of a pink sweatshirt with the text "thick spines and valentine's vibes."

We love a thick read for Valentine’s Day. $35+, available up to size 5XL in several different colors.

image of a Black woman modeling a black sweatshirt with white text that says "read your heart out."

Nothing says love more than being given the treat of being able to read your heart out, tbh. $40, available in three colors up to size 2XL.

Image of a woman with olive skin wearing a blue sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has white embroidery of a heart made from two hands with the word "books" below.

Keep it simple with this embroidered hand heart over your truest love: books. $34+, in several colors up to size 2XL.

Image of a pink sweatshirt with a heart shape made by two skeleton hands. Between the hands is a book.

If you like the hand heart concept but want to embrace a little bit of a different style, perhaps this skeleton heart hand conveys your love of books even better. $25+, up to size 5XL, available in several colors.

Image of a pink sweatshirt with hearts on it. Inside the hearts are romance trope names.

We love a good romance trope, so why not sport your favorites on a cozy sweatshirt? $42+, with several colors, up to size 5XL.

Image of the back of a sweatshirt. The top says "I love you in book quotes" and lists 20 quotes from books about love.

This sweatshirt is clever. The entire back is dedicated to book quotes about love. The lettering is light in color, so it likely pops on darker sweatshirt colors, but you have several colors from which to choose. $50, up to size 3XL.

Image of a black sweatshirt that reads "my valentine is a fictional character."

Sport this sweet “My Valentine is a fictional character” sweatshirt for your next reading session. $40+, available in several colors, up to size 5XL.

Image of a white person wearing a red  sweatshirt that says "cupid found me in the bookstore. I flirt with fictional characters."

This one has a similar theme to the one above, but it also includes where your love of fictional characters began…and it has an adorable cat. Is it extra? Yes. Is it purrrfect? Also yes. $39+, available in several colors up to size 5XL.

Image of a navy sweatshirt with Scrabble style letters spelling out "book lover."

This sweatshirt is for book lovers, word game lovers, and those who fall right in the middle of those two Venn diagrams. $30, available in several colors, up to size 3XL.

Image of a green sweatshirt with an image of two frogs reading a pile of books. It says "we are together until the end of the books" beneath the frogs.

Last but definitely not least, for the readers who are in relationships with other readers—friends, lovers, whatever—how about this adorable frog sweatshirt proclaiming you’ll be together until the books run out? $25+, available in several colors; and available in both youth and adult sizes.

Get inspired by love with some more great bookish swag for Valentine’s Day, and enjoy some bookish ways to celebrate the day.