10 Great Bookish Hashtags to Follow on Instagram

Liberty Hardy |
6 years ago

Hashtags have always existed on Instagram as a way for users to find things relevant to their interests, but now you can actually follow a hashtag like you would follow an Instagram user. And it’s easy: just go to “search,” type in the hashtag you want, and hit “follow.” But be advised that following bookish hashtags (or any hashtags) will immediately start adding all photos and videos with that hashtag into your feed. And the hashtags you follow will show up in your following list along with the users you follow. So choose wisely.

My favorite part of Instagram is all the photos of books! (Bet you didn’t see that coming.) So I’ve rounded up 10 great bookish hashtags that I love to follow so you too can fill your feed (and your TBR) with more titles, peep at photos of people’s shelves, and discover readers who love books almost as much as you do. (Because no one loves books as much as you, right?)

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(Yes, I shamelessly used my own photo.)