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12 Of The Best Cookbook Stands for Readers and Cooks

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Need a gift for a reader…and cook? We’ve compiled a list of the best cookbook stands for readers and cooks to help you on your gift-giving search this season.

Why Buy a Cookbook Stand?

Whether your hands are full of laundry, cooking ingredients, or are soaked with bathwater, a cookbook stand is a handy tool to prolong your reading enjoyment.

These stands are perfect for holding big, clunky recipe books. They keep the book open so you can quickly scan through ingredients and recipe steps without soiling the cookbook’s pages. With a stand, cookbooks are held at the ideal angle for easy reading. 

Cookbook stands, however, aren’t just useful for kitchen-bound situations. Soaking in a bubble bath? Use a stand to hold your book. Using a book to help guide your workouts? Use a stand to keep the book in place while you work through the movements outlined on the page.

Enjoy reading while you finish up chores by setting a stand on top of your dryer. Fold clothes and find out what happens in the next chapter. A cookbook stand also doubles as a study tool for those still in school. Cramming for a big test? Plunk your giant textbook onto a stand, so you’re not focusing on trying to keep the big tome open while you scribble down notes. 

Many cookbook stands are also capable of accommodating iPads or other types of tablets, so you can view your favorite online recipes or books in an easy-to-view position. 

While most stands function basically the same way, aesthetics differ greatly. Below you’ll find our stand-out picks grouped into a few notable categories to help you find one that best matches your kitchen decor or favorite reading environment. Here are the best cookbook stands for readers and cooks alike.

Marble Cookbook Stands

Marble Cookbook Stand from West Elm

marble cookbook stand

A simple and inexpensive slab of marble designed for holding up a tablet or thin cookbook. If you’re looking for a stand to match your elegant marble countertops, look no further. 

Marble Cookbook Holder from Williams Sonoma

marble cookbook stand

Here’s another gorgeous marble cookbook stand that features a protective acrylic panel and a magnetic plate with measurement conversions. 

Gold Cookbook Stands

Midcentury Modern Recipe Book Stand

Midcentury gold cookbook stand

If you’re into a mid-century modern aesthetic, consider this gold powder-coated stand for your tablet or small to midsized cookbooks. If gold isn’t quite your speed, the steel design is also available in three other colors.

MyGift Modern Countertop Gold-Tone Cookbook Stand

Gold cookbook stand

This budget-friendly gold cookbook stand is pretty enough to stand on its own as a display piece. It’s also handy for holding up cookbooks that max out at 2-inches in depth.

MyGift Modern Gold-Tone COOKBOOK Recipe Stand

gold-toned cookbook stand

Another gold-toned option is this typeface stand model—in case you need to be reminded of what it’s for 😉

Personalized Cookbook Stands

Custom Cookbook Stand on Etsy

Custom coobook stand

Treat yourself or someone else to this adorable, customizable birchwood cookbook stand. The vertical design takes up slightly less counter space than a landscape-oriented stand, which is great for compact kitchens. Buyers can choose both the art and text to create a truly personalized gift. 

Personalized Wood Cookbook Holder on Etsy

wooden customizable cookbook stand

Here’s another custom stand option for those attempting to find the ideal gift. It’s made of reclaimed wood and features white painted accents. 

Rustic Cookbook Stands

Salvaged Wood Cookbook Tablet Stand 

Wooden handmade cookbook stand

A sturdy, unique-looking stand suitable for tablets or books. Each item is handmade using recycled materials. Users may also adjust the angle of the stand according to their preference.

MyGift Cutting Board Style Wood Cookbook Stand

Wooden cookbook stand

Quite possibly my favorite of the bunch, because I can imagine it sitting in my farmhouse-style kitchen. The wooden stand features a protective glaze and features a bottom lip that’s 2-inches deep.

Modern Cookbook Stands 

Williams Sonoma Stainless-Steel Cookbook Holder

Stainless steel and acrylic cookbook stand

This sleek, stainless steel cookbook stand is the perfect pairing for a modern kitchen. The protective acrylic panel protects your tablet or cookbook from splashes and splatters while you cook. There’s also a convenient measuring chart to help you quickly convert ingredient weights as you cook through a variety of recipes.

Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder

Utensil holder tablet stand

If you’re interested in a dual-use stand for your kitchen, consider this utensil holder that doubles as a tablet stand. Cooks who prefer to keep their countertops free of clutter will love this handmade design. 

Norpro Acrylic Cookbook Holder

acrylic cookbook stand

The cheapest stand available and one I probably have tucked away in a storage box that contains all of my study materials from University. I used this same cookbook stand religiously when I was in school to hold up massive textbooks while I scrambled to remember important dates and events for history class midterms. I also used it to hold up books while I took stress-relieving baths while worrying about said exams. 

Create a Perfectly Packaged Gift With One of These Cookbook Recommendations

I’m a fan of themed gifts and it seems only natural to pair a cookbook stand with an amazing cookbook filled with tasty recipes. Here are a few of my recent favs:

Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics a Modern American Family

Indian-ish by Priya Krishna

I’ve been cooking through this one nonstop. While I needed to do a bit of searching to find a few ingredients, my pantry is now all-stocked and ready-to-go. Priya’s recipes are accessible, easy, and oh-so tasty. Quite of a few of the recipes have instantly become staple dishes in my household.


Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want

Cravings cookbook by Chrissy Tiger

Filled with comforting recipes that are incredibly easy-to-make and so good you’ll never leave behind a bite. This is my go-to cookbook when I’m hunting for a party-friendly, crowd-pleasing recipe. 

Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes: A Cookbook

Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook cover

I promise, you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy this cookbook. It’s filled with nutritious, tasty meals that are easy to prepare and perfect for weeknights. The follow-up volume Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. is equally great.

Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip

Feast cookbook cover

I had to sneak in a Canadian cookbook onto this mini-list, but it’s more than a cookbook. It’s a journey through the provinces and territories by way of your tastebuds. It contains beautiful visuals and makes as good a coffee table book as it does a cookbook.

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