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7 Book Review Podcasts for Discovering New Books

Arvyn Cerézo

Senior Contributor

Arvyn Cerézo is an arts and culture writer/reporter with bylines in Book Riot, Publishers Weekly, South China Morning Post, PhilSTAR Life, the Asian Review of Books, and other publications. You can find them on and @ArvynCerezo on Twitter.

Book review podcasts are an engaging and accessible way to discover new books. Most of us only have so much time to read these days, much less read a book review from our favorite publications, magazines, or blogs. This makes book review podcasts a convenient alternative as you only have to let them run in the background.

Here to look for book review podcasts to listen to while on commute or while doing other stuff at home or work? Look no further because I’ve got lots of them in this list.

These book review podcasts release episodes weekly (or bi-weekly), with an exception to one, feature diverse authors, and underrepresented genres. What’s more, some of the book review podcasts below have lively author discussions that allow for authors to tell more about their books, their writerly lives, and their writing process, among other things.

And if that’s not your cup of tea, there are also shows in here that offer unbiased takes from other folks — without bringing the author into the discussion. Whatever your listening preference is, I’m sure that you can find podcasts in here that are tailored for your ears.

Ahead are seven of the best book review podcasts to get book recommendations and more.

1. All The Books

This is one of Book Riot’s many podcasts that focuses on new releases every week. Sometimes, however, it also features backlist titles in special episodes called “All The Backlists.”

All The Books runs weekly and is hosted by Liberty Hardy and the editors of Book Riot. What I love about the show is that the hosts go in-depth in discussing books. I like the thoughtful commentary they provide to each title, even giving content warnings if there are. It’s an all-around fun and engaging show!

2. The Book Review by The New York Times

The editors at the New York Times talk about the week’s top books, what they are reading, some news in the book world, and a whole lot more in this podcast. They interview authors and have them tell more about their books. Episodes usually run 45-50 minutes, but sometimes they go up to an hour.

The show has been going on for some 15 years now, so they have a massive archive to listen to. What I love about it is that they feature prominent authors who provide unique insight on their works and answer questions the readers might have.

3. NPR’s Book of the Day

The show runs less than 15 minutes, so it has the perfect length to get your literary fix quickly, keep abreast of new and interesting books, and more. They also talk to authors in this show, chatting with them about their current releases. Borrowing language of the show’s promo, it’s “snackable and skimmable.” Despite its short length, you’ll get to learn a lot from the insightful literary discussions and reviews.

My favorite episodes are when they feature Constance Wu and Celeste Ng.

4. Asian Review of Books

This is a book review publication that focuses on books by Asian authors and books about Asia. In its podcast version, the host talks to authors about their relevant works and also touches on the current issues in the region. I love that this show focuses on authors from a marginalized community, which is kind of rare in bookish podcasts these days.

In here, they mostly discuss fiction and nonfiction books, and the topics can be “newsy” and a bit academic.

5. The Sapphic Book Review

This is a unique book review podcast that features sapphic books written by diverse authors. For the uninitiated, sapphic “includes lesbians, bisexual women, and nonbinary people who align with the term…All lesbian books are sapphic.”

In here, they mostly interview authors, digging deeper about their works. Sometimes, there are casual discussions, too. I love that I get recommended noteworthy books that are not on my radar yet.

6. Fully Booked by Kirkus Reviews

Every week, this show brings in authors for interviews, features the current best-selling titles, and more. When discussing a book, the host mostly quotes from the book reviews published in the magazine itself, and then the author joins the conversation for more context.

It’s a worthwhile podcast if you want to keep yourself posted with new, notable releases. If you read Kirkus Reviews magazine, then this is a must-listen show.

7. The Stack by Comic Book Club

A podcast dedicated to comics? That’s somewhat uncommon. In here, the hosts usually talk about new comic releases. The episodes go over an hour since they discuss titles, issues, artworks, and sometimes, the film counterparts, in depth.

If you read a lot of comics and want to stay in the know, then it’s a no-brainer.

Book review podcasts keep us entertained and at the same time informed of new releases. Since some of us are caught up in our lives, these podcasts make it easier for us to discover new favorites.

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