Tika Viteri

Tika has tucked herself into an apartment in Oakland, CA, ruled by two grey cats and an extremely finicky fiddle-leaf fig named Ruth Bader. She has also surrounded herself with enough gin, books, plants, and yarn to last a lifetime; her taste in all four leans highly colorful. When not reading and knitting, she can be found boxing, running (reluctantly), or yelling about politics online.

Diana Gabaldon’s Next Outlander Novel Gets A Cover And A Release Date

At last! We have a cover and release date for Diana Gabaldon's next Outlander novel, GO TELL THE BEES THAT I'M GONE.

In Memoriam: Beverly Cleary (1916–2021)

Remembering Beverly Cleary, the prolific author of iconic children's classics including the Ramona Quimby books and Dear Mr. Henshaw.

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Back-Talking The Tone Police: Book People Are Not Your Enemy

Book People are not the enemy of books, and gatekeeping book and reading culture does no one any favors.

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14 Children’s Books About Race and Racial Diversity

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Western Gothic Genre

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#45Lies Campaign Challenges Misinformation

Authors and lyricists have joined forces to launch the #45lies campaign, creating 45 second videos to fact-check falsehoods spread by Donald Trump.

California School District Considers Classic Book Ban

The National Coalition Against Censorship is urging a California school district to retain several books in their curriculum while a proposed ban is under review.