Danika Ellis

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The Unique Relationship Between Queer Media and Spoilers

Both when it comes to identity labels and possibly harmful depictions, queer media has a different relationship to spoilers than most.

Brooklyn Library Offers Access to Banned eBooks to Teens Across the U.S.

The UnBanned Books initiative will give anyone in the U.S. between 13-21 a free eCard, giving them access to frequently challenged ebooks.

LGBTQ Rights Groups Sue Florida Over “Don’t Say Gay” Education Bill

The lawsuit alleges that the bill recruits parents as "roving censors" of LGBTQ content, suing school districts for any perceived infraction.

There’s Room for Both Dark and Fluffy Queer Media

The debate over what counts as "good queer representation" misses that we need all kinds, including both comforting and challenging stories.

Here are the Top 10 Most Banned and Challenged Books of 2021

These are the 10 books the American Library Association reports as being the most banned or challenged titles of 2021.

Technology for Parent Monitoring of Student Library Use is Being Developed by Follett: This Week’s Book Censorship News, April 1, 2022

Follett is developing new tools for parent monitoring of students' library usage, and the rest of this week's book censorship news.

15 LGBTQ Books Out This Month You Need to Read

Here are some of the most exciting LGBTQ books out in April 2022 that need to be on your preorder and TBR lists!

There’s No Excuse for Bad Book Covers Anymore

Please, give your book a fighting chance in the visual landscape of the internet. There are so many free resources now!

Lafayette Library Board Grants Itself Power to Ban Books

The meeting included several people heckling the library board president and led to an LGBTQ activist being arrested for disturbing the peace.

Sex in Young Adult Books Is Age Appropriate

Books banners say sex in YA is age inappropriate, but that ignores that more than half of American teens have had sex by the time they're 18.